Sorry and update-good news


Sorry I have been away for so long this is because I have been very busy and they has been good news.

Firstly my youngest brother Eric woke up from his coma on 31/12/2016 and can feel his arms and legs, but he is finding it difficult to take his first steps and feed himself. Also he can put together two to three worded sentences.

Secondly my youngest son Zac can put together full sentences, feed himself and can also now walk the distance of the children's ward, he is on, with the help of crutches.

Finally my oldest identical twin son Jamie went back to school yesterday.

Will keep you all updated as soon as they are any changes in either Zac's or Eric's condition.


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  • Great news Andy.

    Have sent you a message.

    Love n hugs


  • Fantastic I think I dimly remember the story! Nothing personal my memory is frankly rubbish! Hope and sure they still will continue to improve.

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