intracerebral Brain hemorrhage (ICH)

Hi Everyone,

I am new here and was hoping for advice from some of the experienced members on here.

Basically my younger brother aged 32 had a ICH and as a result he his right side of the body is paralyzed and there is also speech loss. Although he was looked after straight away and dealt with when taken into hospital in an emergency and I understand it will take some time for his recovery, but we are facing a dilema here as most of the recovery will be based on his physiotharpy but we can't perform physio on his affected leg (right leg) as it has been discovered that there is hug blood clot in his thigh and numerous small ones around the area.

Not sure what should we do as there is an option for IVC filter but that is a preventative measure not a possible solution since we can't give him anything to make his blood thinner as it may lead to another hemorrhage.

Please help with advice!! Thank you in advance.

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I'm sorry to hear about your brother's condition Sadz ; It's obviously a serious dilemma for you. Have you not received any firm guidance from the consultant on the most viable option.........surely they don't expect unqualified individuals (presuming you're not qualified) to make such a decision.

If the filter can capture the clots to keep your brother safe from thrombosis or associated complications then it would seem an obvious choice, but it's a matter of whether the risks (and the reliability) of that procedure outweigh the benefits.

I'm not sure anyone here can (or would dare to) advise you in such a critical situation. You need an honest professional opinion on the risks of NOT opting for the IVC, but even that might involve guesswork.

I hope someone who's experienced this issue might come along and offer better insight to help alleviate your struggle. Sincere best wishes Sadz ; I hope you find your way through. Cat x


That is a lot to take in.

Like Cat I wouldn't dare offer an opinion on the medical advice.

What I would say is that with so much work ahead then, perhaps, ignoring the leg issues for now and concentrating on the speech and upper body physiotherapy would seem the least risky thing to do.

I'm not sure that even the Headway helpline could be of great help as you are getting your info from the medical team.

Thinking of you and your brother


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