Nottingham Brain Injury Unit closure

It isn't near me, so I don't know the full story and only picked this up from the UKABIF. This is the text copied from their email.

Don't know if it affects anyone on here

Nottingham Brain Injury Service

Over the Christmas break we heard that Nottingham are planning to close their Brain Injury Service. Brain Injury Survivor Heather Peacock is leading a campaign to oppose the closure, which UKABIF are supporting.

Please respond to the CCG about their plans – they are next meeting on 17th January and have a cut off of 5th February for responses to their outline plan, details and contact info is available on this webpage.


a petition is available here change.org/p/nottingham-nor...

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i just had the same email from UKABIF sospan





It seems to be the only source of BI news available in the UK


YThanks sospan, got it through after using your link to sign up with them a while back.

I'm NWest . Horrible to read of closures like this .

Hope you are ok. x


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