Looking forward to 2017

Always look forward, and live in the present as much as possible- NEVER backwards!!!

That is what I've learned in this life. I'm hoping this year I will get some sleep as I

rediscovered my hypnotic tapes last night. Whales and Rainforest. Just what my

little brain needs to tune out the madness of my thoughts! Worry, worry, worry in the

depth of the night- always been that way but hopefully playing these tapes again, (that's how I remember them from hypnotherapy) I can stop relying on alcohol to sleep! Forgot I even had the recordings on my lap-top. I'm over the moon I've remembered them! Had an ongoing thing with alcohol but stopped it altogether from Jan-June 2016 so I know it can be done!!! Really inspiring reading everything on here, just knowing that other people are going through the same things. So much similarity with the head injuries I read about, good and bad- so helpful for me to read- thank you :)

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  • I love the first line of your post! How very true!! Can you tell me which hypnotherapy tapes you listen to, as I'm suffering from insomnia really badly at the mo. Perhaps I could find them on youtube to listen?

  • I just posted up info about one I really like! I looked it is on youtube. The title is Natural sleep inducement- solitudes- music for your health.

  • I will find the original CD cases of my old ones- whale sounds and Tropical Rainforest- and tell you the titles. They are probably on youtube as well!

  • Whale meditation by Kamal & tropical rain forest :)

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