Interesting radio programme about memory

This programme starts with three experts describing their findings about how memories are formed, but then moves on to a question and answer session is is also very interesting. It's called 'All in the Mind' - How Are Memories Formed? - @bbcradio4

There are several good programmes about the brain on the BBC radio four iplayer. Just go to iplayer and start a search with the word Brain, it brings up a list of programmes.

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  • Yes it's on my list ! Alan Bennett's 'Keeping On Keeping On' has been a joy ; I saved all the episodes & listened to them back to back on Monday !

    'All In The Mind' is for tomorrow evening. . . . . . . . . . Night-night Elenor. x

  • Ooo, interesting - thank you Eleanor : ) I'll be having a rummage around these x

  • Thanks for that Elenor, love these little links that people give. It's a real help knowing why some bits of my memory are better than others.

    Still haven't been invited on Mastermind.....ha ha

    Hope you are as ok as can be.

    TN x

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