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Had to share for the first time ever somethings gone my way, I say ever loseley I mean from 2009 because I have very little memory prior to that.I got turned down for a blue badge story of my life! but have been stung by the awful pip saga

I wrote a letter to the council asking them how much worse do I need to get because at the moment I'm at rock bottom.

So I restated the side affect of my medication and I few others, this was weeeeeeks ago and forgot all about it, I got a letter today saying they had reconsidered and granted the BB for the maximum 3 years I'm still in complete shock it's gonna make a big difference to my life

Like going to the super market sometimes it gets a bit much I have to leave really quickly to get to the quiet of my car, leaving quickly is not something I can do as both my knees are worn away and I get confused what meds I've taken (don't I know,it's bad) and can't find the car which then contributes to the panic, pain increases and me being clipped by a passing car doesn't help, I still haven't told my family about that one yet 😊

Not intreasted in the free parking, just I can now take my daughter to the cinema small things like that, the parking free buts it a long walk with STAIRS!! Without BB I've not been since 2012 it's the only one I can go to as it's not as loud, nor crowded and I can just about handle it because it's not so big, now where did I put them ear plugs

Everyone have a good day

Luv and lots of hugs Lewann xxxxx

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Woohoo Lewann, good for you ! Persistence pays : )

Enjoy your well earned badge : )

Angela x

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Always uplifting hearing a good-luck story ; well done lew-ann for making your case heard.

Hope you'll be flaunting your new Blue Badge very soon m'dear ! Love Cat x

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Thanks Angela & Cat xxx


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