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Bad Back

Hi All just a few lines to let you know how things are. One day last week I must have trapped a nerve in my Back as towards the end of the week at the end of a session at my life class I felt severe pain in the bottom of my Back it was soon causing me to sweat a little I was very stiff and had trouble bending and in pain I had been told by neuro nurse that after BI any ailment or condition can be magnified and be worse than normal has anyone else noticed the same? at the time I had been concentrating intently on drawing my picture but felt it when I finished this was Thursday night on Tuesday afternoon I was carrying extra shopping bags on Wednesday morning I was warming up at TI CHI other than that nothing out of the ordinary well I guess thats all for now

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Hi Comanchero,

I suffered from severe lower back pain for a few months before I had my SAH. I also had the steroid injections in my spine to help relieve the pain but it always came back. The pain eventually returned after 6 months and someone recommended acupuncture. This is the best thing I have had done and within 3 sessions I could feel a difference. I had 6 sessions of acupuncture on my back. The pain just went away and I feel so much better than even before! The important thing is that you need to go to a recommended person not just anyone. I hope this helps! Kavita basi


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