Bad Mummy?

My husband is away a lot at weekends at the moment so I'm looking after our 7-year old on my own. I have fatigue due to post concussion syndrome. I'm struggling to get my son to do anything other than watch TV/YouTube or play on the iPad. I don't have the energy to fight with him or drag him out to a museum. I feel like a bad mummy for giving in to his screen addiction.

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  • Try not to feel too bad - hopefully it's a temporary solution. Is there anything you could do on the computer together ? Shopping, looking at animals/ countries/games- bbc educational websites ? K

  • It's sadly what every young boy does these days.

    Keep trying with alternatives but don't worry, they all turn out fairly normal in the end. ; )

  • I suffer from brain fatigue since having brain tumour removed totally understand how you feel I have two young children. I use to feel like you then someone said they are loved warm they are fed they are safe and they still have their mam.

  • Hi Lizum,

    You're not a bad Mummy, just a very tired one : ) It's not the end of the world and you can only do as much as you can manage at this time. Not all TV/computer is bad - some is quite educational/physical such as Wii games. Are there any relatives/friends who could take your son out to the park etc to provide some exercise and an all important break for you ? x

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