HI there, I slipped and fell nearly three years ago and had a concussion. I still have not recovered fully. I am functioning but it is a struggle. I still experience headaches, blood sugar/pressure fluctuations, GPs aren't worried I guess since I am functioning and I switched to a naturopath and an osteopath - both of whom have helped immensely. Water and regular food intake and enough sleep seem to be the key. However I haven't been able to go back to my pre fall work out. There isn't very much support out there for concussion - not enough is known about it. I'm hoping that someone else has had a similar experience and will be able to help me

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  • Welcome to the world of the walking wounded. Saddly you have found the utter complacency of the general GP world towards severe concussion. Many of us are in the same boat. Once diagnosed with concussion and you are no longer a danger you are left to your own devices.

    I had a similar incident four and half years ago and haven't managed to work since

    Fortunately you have found the main things that aid recovery good diet and rest and good forum to get more information on.

    All the best on your journey

  • wow! 4.5 years - that must be hard. thanks for your reply .. I try to stay positive and look back to how much i couldn't do and can now. Think my lesson is patience. Have you found anything that helps in particular? My naturopath recommended protein and it is good but potatoes are magic food for my head.

  • One of the things that I have found is that the old fashioned things work best - things like fish for brains. It is the protein that helps.

    All the good things are helpful beans, nuts, fruit etc. plus plenty of vitamin B's. omega 3, curcumin etc. Bad things are fatty and processed foods, coffee and alcohol.

    As you have found regular rest is important.

    One of the things that would be worth checking is the balance between both eye and depth perception. It is quite a common problem post concussion that the "teaming" between the eyes doesn't work too well and there can be problems with depth perception which is why a lot of us stumble. This can be the cause of a lot of the residual headaches. The tests for these are not something a standard optometrist can do but i had mine tested privately for £55 and did highlight a few things.

    You probably find you know more about the inner workings of your head and concussion than you ever did before.

  • You could ring the Headway helpline on Monday or look for a community neuro rehab team near you.

    You could also think of taking up yoga and taking extra cod liver oil.

    Other than that we are here for you so ask,rant or join in whenever you like.

    Love n hugs


  • Thank you for your reply - I have a bad arm (childhood thing) so can't do yoga but I have found meditation helpful. Only discovered that about a year ago. I've tried acupuncture as well and that brought on a headache...I am trying to get back to my exercise regime but my naturopath/doctor said i had adrenal fatigue which is why cardio work outs would bring about a crash.

  • Adrenal problems can be linked with head injury especially around the pituitary gland. This can be tested via a simple blood test and there remedies for this. This could also be a source of your headaches.

  • Hi Asbas,

    Reading your post and I am in a very similar situation to you. Had a car accident 30th January this year and have had ongoing symptoms ever since. My main symptoms are light and sound sensitivity, insomnia, extreme headaches, insomnia, disorientation when In a busy place, tinnitus and nausea. With regards to you saying sleep is important, this is a big problem of mine as I'm still only sleeping 2-4 hours a night and feel like this is why my brain isn't healing properly.

    I am also seeing a naturopath at the moment who has diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue too. When doing research into adrenal fatigue a lot of the symptoms for this are exactly the same as post concussion so it's so hard to know what is actually still causing me to feel so ill 6 months on. I am on a very strict diet for the adrenal fatigue, no sugar, wheat, gluten and carbs. Just wondering if you have been told to do the same thing with your diet too and If you had any other tips? Thanks

  • Hi sousp

    sleep is very important. Have you tried melatonin? Just to reset your sleep patterns. There are other naturopathic things that you can have that might help. Even now I need 8 hours sleep - I don't always get it but I really suffer after a couple of days. The other thing that helps even if you can't sleep is just lying down with your eyes closed. I was a terrible sleeper too but that's how I used to get my afternoon naps in the early days. One day I realised that I was falling asleep but even if you don't your brain will appreciate the break.

    For my adrenal fatigue I guess it depends on your body but my doctor recommended a high protein diet , maintaining your salt levels and being hydrated. So after two years of experiencing these horrible crashes I have just found the magic of electrolytes. They have in the last week prevented headaches that I knew were coming on. I also take vit b complex and magnesium (brilliant for headaches) . I also take some zinc when I can remember but that is to help my pancreas function. Think it's sugar levels and blood pressure levels fluctuations that cause the crashes. I've had check for diabetes so that's not it. I don't have gluten stuff because my bloods showed I had some intolerance . I haven't stopped sugar - I eat lots of fruit. Protein high food, water and sleep at the moment is what is getting me through. Hope this helps - let me know how you are going

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