Post-vaccination concussion?

Hello all! I'm new :)

For ten years I've had symptoms which are *very* concussion-like. There are cognitive, visual and fatigue components. But it didn't start with a head injury; it began with an MMR booster vaccine at university. Several GPs dismissed the idea and said it was psychological. I'm now speaking to neuro-ophthalmologists who take it more seriously.

Have any of you got similar stories?

Many thanks,


P.S. There should be a "causes" forum in here.

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  • Never heard of this good luck with your neuro-ophthalmologist xx

  • Much appreciated :) . Good luck with your own journey.


  • Hello Nightbird,

    I am a doctor of chiropractic very interested in the interaction between serious post-vaccination reactions and concussion. Basically, the symptoms of concussion and serious vaccination reactions overlap, therefore, they may aggravate each other. Did you have any injuries prior to the vaccinations or within a few days after the vaccination that caused headache, visual problems, etc?



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