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Heres some of the info from the Brain Institute.org I was talking about:

Frontal Lobe Damage

Have you ever been told your personality is "left brain dominant" or maybe "right brain dominant"? Do consider your actions to be driven by your emotions or logic? If you identify yourself as left brain or right brain dominant chances are you are aligning yourself with the areas of the brain that control the functions that best describe you. Well what if you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the area of your brain that you feel is more dominant? Will your personality change? Will your mood be effected? Will you have to learn to write with your other hand? To answer these questions you must understand the different hemispheres of the brain and determine how the severity of the TBI will affect them.

A frontal lobe brain injury refers to a traumatic brain injury that affects the front area of your brain. This is your brain’s largest lobe.




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My left frontal lobe is scared and slightly smaller than it was before viral encephalitis damaged it. Personality hasn't changed, fortunately, although I have very little memory of my life before the illness, I am very similar to who I was before. Interested in the same stuff and love the same people - thank goodness for that!


Hi AliCat, jules here,

the name you use is so cool.

having love in your life makes all the difference doesn't it. My love came along after my accident, wouldn't have met him if it wasn't for the accident, odd isn't it. I married him. He doesn't know that person who was me before, i think that helps me a lot.

Have a good evening AliCat

Kind regards




Mine was frontal lobe SAH. It's mainly affected my word recall/short term memory, mobility, headaches (obviously) and balance. And it's certainly affected me emotionally ; my once endless patience has been replaced by short temperedness which still shocks me at times. :o xxx

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