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My main physical issues these days are balance and vision. This creates problems with fatigue and anxiety. I'm wondering if anyone else out there is managing to hold down a job with these kinds of problems.

I am hugely struggling with this whole ESA process and doubts are beginning to creep in that should just 'man up' and go find a job. But .. I honestly don't know what I could do for any realistic amount of time.

The only classic role I can think of being remotely suitable is reception. Maybe in the right company it would be a manageable balance of tasks but then I know that committing day in day out week in week out is a huge leap of faith. For both me and any prospective employer. The last two months have been shocking just because of back to back colds playing havoc with my compensation ability and fatigue levels.

I can't face the prospect of claiming, being denied and dealing with a whole appeal process but equally I just cannot see me securing a job that is suitable that I have any realistic chance of getting through a probation period for.

I've got to be able to manage this on top of being single parent to a seven year old who is not the most straightforward of kids from a health and care perspective either.

It's all becoming a heady mix of overwhelming and paralysing.

Having a whole new bout of THIS SUCKS! Sorry 😕

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Hi there,

Sorry life is so rubbish. And can't offer much more than sympathy and hugs at mo. (See my post about lack of positivity).

Would part time work be an option?


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It would have to be, very part time. I don't think I could even build up to more than four hours a go. I did try a 16 hr a week job a couple of years ago and it was an unmitigated disaster that lasted 7 months only because it was an ex business partner of my brothers that offered to try and make it work for me.

What is out there for less hours? I was also worse off working at the time although that may not be the case now until UC kicks in.

I need local, part time, flexibility over bad days, understanding if my vision starts splitting/moving with little organisation skills required. But I can't do retail or catering because of balance deficits ... It's utterly infuriating!

Feeli like I have more chance of stepping in rocking horse ....

DWP pressure is not helping either, trying to be positive is not easy without the pressure is it.

Heh Ho 😌


Hi Miss Dizzy

First and foremost get whatever copies of medical reports that you can.

Second make an appointment with CAB or a local disability group for advice and help.

I recommend CAB but that is personal opinion.

They can support you through whatever comes.

Love n hugs


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Hey, thanks yes, you are right. I think CAB is the way to go. I'm toeing myself in knots trying to decide what to do without help.

I need to just hand it over to be honest before things really take a dive.



miss dizzy ok first things first put some soft music on poor a glass of wine relax, ok.

look across and you will see benefits and finances tap on that and youll see how the points are worked out and remember its how you feel on your bad days not sometimes baddays!!!

i get my ni paid but im not entitled to esa because i used my ni up when i had my cateracts done


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i am sorry you are struggling. Like you I have had two back to back colds, and a kidney infection.

I volunteer for a charity housing service advice. I thought this would be a good way to see if I could work. If I become fatigue I develop hemiparesis, blurred vision and speech becomes slurred, and I end up in bed with spascitity pain too. i have only been back to work for a week, and off on sick leave this week.

You tried a couple of years ago and it did not work out. I would try volunteering first. I am glad I did. I am either need to reduce my hours or leave.

Please do not feel you need to cease the process of ESA. You are entitled to this benefit, and sounds you very much deserve it🙂. I believe my ESA was stopped, and reviewed and I become benefits of ESA support group (people who are on long term sick leave). The government are cutting the amount of claimants, which I think they are trying to wear us down with the process of claiming sickness benefits. Please do not give up ! This is the government's ideology . I am in the process of fighting a claim for PIP. Previously, I was on on DLA for three years and suddenly reassessed for PIP. I am due to atten tribunal next month. I am continuing with this process, after appealing mandatory reconsideration and appeal, which were both revoked. I have to continue as they do not recognise I have any cognitive problems at all. Have you applied for PIP? If you contact your local CAB a welfare and benefits specialist who will assist you.

Good luck and don't be punished into thinking you have to work. Brain injury is complex and unless you have experienced BI or live with a person who has a BI they cannot understand who fatigue affects us and our lives.


Thank you. I have looked right and will take it from there.

I have not applied for PIP no. I did get DLA initially and would have been able to renew had I concentrated on the paperwork at the time but other priorities took over and then PIP was introduced and it reigned in criteria and focus so much I did not think I would be eligible.

Things can be a struggle and there are days I realise that basic stuff like dressing are a problem not because I don't have the fine or gross motor skills but because I have been in the same outfit for 48 because I have not had the motivation and energy to undress and dress at all. That's not a good point to acknowledge I have ever got to.

PIP is a level I don't want to go to though. It was people like me that the benefit was designed to make ineligible and they succeeded and I do not want to fight that. For the most part, without huge pressure or additional illness I'm ok at home. I can potter around and manage independently.

Adding work on top of that I can see turning messy quickly and that terrifies me, both long and short term.

We'll see.

C x


Completely agree with you Sem. Voluntary work is a great place to start Miss Dizzy.

I feel for you as we all need purpose and it really helps with our daily drudge. For me going back to work was a nightmare and I went back to soon but I got there.

Take one hour at a time and try to do something you really enjoy. Good luck and have a fantastic Sunday. XX Nick


Oh dear, you sound low.

Don't give up!

I used to have balance problems, but ... the train station near work has a lot of very wide stairs. For years, once I went back, I used to hold on to the bannister, but now, I always walk straight up or down in the middle, *because I can*! I have definitely continued to improve. I read somewhere that all the improvement would happen in the first couple of years, but I have certainly continued to improve. My in-laws see me once every few months, and they say I am still improving.

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Thanks for the encouragement! I agree, people who haven't seen me for longer periods do comment I seem more stable usually. It has been five years now though, it's always been good and bad but my recent spate of infections has left me more wobbly and visually disturbed than I had been for a couple of years to be honest. It has really knocked my confidence and mood.

Do you find your balance is variable at all now? Sometimes I'm quite good and would take on a handful of wide stairs with no rail and at other times I can barely lift either foot off the floor without wobbling. Sometimes just standing still doesn't happen 😨

To volunteer I will have to deal with ESA and I'm not sure I can bare it. I e spent the day registering for till jobs and talking to supermarkets. Not sure whether I feel better or not but have to try I guess. :)

C x


Hi there, hope you are well

i had a bi about ten years ago, I have mobility problems, I can only use one arm because of my bi, I also have vision problems;field and blurred vision, I also suffer from fatigue and dizzyness

Jee I sound rubbish

i work full time but I am exhaused all of the time but I try to eat healthly and rest as much as I can but it is not easy as I sometimes feel completly shattered.

My advice would be try it and reduce your hours if it is too much but give it a go! Good luck


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