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My son had his tbi almost two years ago and is now in a nursing home, however a couple of times he has said that someone is kicking him, this isnt true as sometimes there is no one around, he is adamant that he is being kicked, although he cant move his legs and only has the use at the moment of his left hand his conversation and understanding is very good but dont know what this is, hope someone canshed some light?


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  • Sorry Heather, but it's hard to comment without knowing a few more details. I'm wondering whether your son has lost the use of his legs ? which case could it be that these are sensations caused by some degree of feeling returning ?

    I'm guessing of course. Maybe it would help if you could tell us a little more about your son's condition and his prognosis.

    Best wishes, Cat x

  • Hi, thanks for all your comments, I hadnt thought about it being feeling in his legs but fingers crossed.

    My son had a grade 4 anurysm, a brain infection, then had to had the top of his skull removed to release the pressure, he then had a stroke, and several chest/ water infections over the past 18 months, its a miracle he's still here and although his short term memory isnt great, his conversation is mostly good, he cant move apart from his left hand, but is having physio etc, he can feel his legs if you tickle his feet or pinch him, drs cant and wont give a long term prognosis but when we see how far he's come against the odds then we have one strong young man( he is 35) and while I have breath in my body I will work with him.

    Thanks for listening!


  • Thanks for the update Beckham. What a struggle it is coming back from any type of brain injury, especially with your son's complications.

    The lack of prognosis can be hellishly frustrating, but universal it seems.

    It would be great if the sensations were meaningful in terms of gaining more use of limbs, but I suppose that's another issue which is subject to the 'wait & see' principle. It can even happen after the loss of a limb but I'm not sure that even the doctors can say whether it's 'phantom' or real.

    Have you had chance to talk to them about it ?

  • heather ignore the first line of my reply, i didnt have the full information. having read all the information i now understand......anothe problem with having a bi

    steve x

  • Hi steve, sorry but cant see what the first line of your reply was??!!! Have I missed something?

  • Sorry I can't really help!

    I think what Cat said about maybe he is slowly recovering in his legs!

    I hope so!


  • Hi Heather,

    As others have said, is the paralysis total or partial, brain or spine related and does your son have sensation in his legs at all ?

    Paresthesias ( odd sensations from the nerves ) and involuntary muscle spasms could potentially be interpreted by the brain as a kicking feeling. What do his doctors say ?

    Angela x

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