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Healing Nightmare???!!!

I think I must have had one of these the other night.

The horror story started with a social setting and a perfectly normal me being responsible for 2 female toddlers.

My hubby was in another room doing diy and there was a roaring real fire.

At some point the little blond girl made it clear that she wanted to go and see uncle xxxx (my hubby).

We went into the room and as I spoke to hubby the child went and sat in the fire, pulled her knees up, laid her head on her knees and wrapped her arms around her legs. There was not a sound from her.

I dove over to the fire and tried to pull her out but my face,arms and hands got really burned and I could smell it.. Even then I didn't wake up.

I was trying to apologise to the others and parents of thee little girl while the paramedics were trying to treat me. The girl was dead.

Then I woke up. It had been so real I had to check myself and was relieved to find there were no burns. Even more relieved that there was no real fire and no little girl.

I didn't want to sleep and had 2 days of unease but woke this morning feeling so much calmer and at ease with everything including the bi.

Any thoughts?



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Never heard of "healing nightmares " but can say that I had very strange dreams last night ...mostly involving journey's - my youngest being wrapped up on a train ride and then somethingto do with shooting and then he got younger and younger until he was babe in arms and I put him to sleep on the sofa and then he rolled off and turned into a russian doll type /porcelain doll that broke open and was full of marshmallows.......

I'm hoping someone an explain that to me in any healing terms ........ but it didn't worry me too much..Too many practical things for me to begetting on with this week :)



Hi Random,

Had some pretty weird dreams myself but not like you have had. Sounds interesting though wonder where it came from and they are always so real even smells... N



It took me by surprise because I haven't had a nightmare since my teens.

I have never been much good with subtlety so I think it was probably my sub consciousness's way of sledgehammering the point home......."that bit of you is dead!!! Trying to get it back will do more damage. Wake up, buck up and get on with it."



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Hi Random

I have always had vivid dreams but they have become off the wall wierd since I got ill. I put it down to a restless brain dumping all its random unlinked ideas before it starts the next new day. A cerebral clear out as it were.

And yes I often have to pinch myself when I wake to be sure things weren't true. And it often takes a few hours to sink in.

Glad it left you with a positive feeling after.


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