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Going on holiday

Hi my husband and I where thinking about going on holiday to the sun but we are not sure if flying is a good idea or even if he will be allowed to fly. He is 4 months now since his tbi and 2 months since his spine was rebuilt after his fall. What are people thoughts exepriences on going on holiday after a tbi? We feel like we need a break to relax and spend some quality time together.

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I find it exhausting flying and takes me a day or two to recover, but assuming there is no medical reason? Which if it's a TBI I'd assume be fine but that's a question for the GP.

Have you gone for a weekends away since? We have and are gone on a few trips since. Mixed success some i,ve done better some worse. Enjoyed them all but they are tiring.

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Thanks thinking about a weekend away next weekend. Billy does get tired easy and frustrated.


take whatever you can and enjoy it xx

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Hi Dmm

Why don't you ring headway they might be able to give you better advice both about the advisability of that type of travel at this relatively early stage and on travel insurance?

I am 3 years on and we are just looking at foreign travel including the joy of airports.

Good luck



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Thank you and will do x


Hi - I was advised that 2 months after my BI I would be Ok for fly if I wanted to - but didn't as wasn't really up to going away. But in May I flew to Portugal with friends. Obviously you need to check if medically OK and find insurance that would cover you. ( that was a little tricky as my issue was very rare) . But was worth it - and glad I went. Now planning a longer trip in November to " celebrate" my BI anniversary. ....

Good luck with whatever you decide and plan for the journey and to have a day after trip there and back for recovery time :-) K


I'm going on my hols this year and although I've had no input with the planning etc I am actually not terrified.

The first time my oh booked a long weekend I could not get enthusiastic about it at all. I didn't see why we had to go anywhere, why he chose to go somewhere so alien and most puzzling was why did I need a break? What from?

It was hard for him as he had put a lot of thought into it. He tried to include me in the planning but I just didn't want to change my routine. I suppose I was scared.

I had a great time! A long weekend was enough for me tho. It took me a long time to recover from the hustle and bustle, change in temperature which was weird.

We have lots of bits from the places we visited and lots of pictures too and I made a memory box every year.

This year will be the first time I'm flying abroad. It is also the first time we are going for a week. I'm not so scared now as I know I will enjoy myself and I will be making a new memory box.

Point I'm making is its scary not being able to plan or think forward of what I'm doing today. It's disorienting just visiting new places locally so it's easier to cope with the things you know. It's tiring being so hyper vigilant all the time.

If my oh had not booked or planned these breaks I doubt I would have ventured out of my local town. I'm very grateful to his persistence and patience.

I hope you have a wonderful break.


inform the airline and they can arrange special circumstances to get you to the plane quicker without hassle, pay extra for any special lounge privileges as it is usually quieter than the madding crowd. But be aware, on this side of the pond we are great, very geared up for disabled needs, unfortunately even in moderately civilised countries their airports aren't so sympathetic to our needs. I went to Menorca recently and going out was brilliant, coming back was a tad uncomfortable and you got the sense I was an inconvenience to the airport staff.




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