My husband had a fall from a roof broke is back and has a tbi. He was in hospital for 14 weeks a coma for 4 weeks. He is home now but is struggling with his accident and with the pain. I found him and had to do his first aid to save his life. I also struggle with everything and I am looking to speak to people who have been through the same and can help with words of encouragement.

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  • Hi

    My husband fell from a ladder in April and suffered a tbi. Like you i was there when it happened. I'm no expert on how to deal with things but I do know this group helps me alot and I'm sure sure they will help you too.

    Every day is different and you will need to be strong it's a very slow process

    I truly understand the mixture of emotions you are feeling right now but hang in there.

    There's alot of help out there I'm just beginning to realise i need this help and can't do it alone.

    Debbie xx

  • Hi Dmm

    First of all welcome to the forum and feel free to ask about anything.

    As Debbie says you are in for a long haul. Please contact Headway on

    0808 8002244 to find out if there is a group near you.

    Having to manage a spinal injury as well as a brain injury must be daunting for both of you. There is hope and lots of wisdom in the forum.

    Lovenhugs to you both


  • Welcome Dmm. This forum has been, & still is, a lifeline for me. I hope it will be for you too. Maybe you can tell us a little bit more about your situation and the daily issues you face, when you feel ready. Cat x

  • Hi

    I am sorry to hear of your husband's accident. As other say please contact Headway. They can provide support for both you and your husband. Additionally, they assist with ensuring you are receiving the correct benefits. I really do feel for you. I sustained a TBI four years ago, and it has just been my partner and I through this journey. You will need patience, unfortunately a snail moves quicker than brain injury. Improvements. If you want to chat or vent we are all here, and I still use the site four years on because nobody else really 'gets it' unless they have experienced it, and why would they be expected to know it.

    Hopefully, he has a follow up or GP to try and relieve the pain. And signpost to any other services

    Take care

  • Hi and welcome.

    As others have said contact Headway for help and advice. Along with this forum for anything you wish advice on .

    Not saying we have all the answers but we try our best. Even if you just want to let off steam ( trust me it WILL help ) then that is fine.

    we try and keep a positive outlook when ever possible. There is a great mix on this forum so hopefully you will find an answer you are looking for.

    All the best


  • Thank you I am struggling at points as low days and high days. Really need the encouragement at the moment

  • So sorry you're both having to go through this experience. Its not surprising to hear your struggling with everything, as your situation is a huge change from what you were used too. You will figure out new ways to deal with your new life and things will get better. Accepting this new life has been the biggest challenge for me, even almost 2 year later. Know there are plenty of us here struggling too, so we definitely can identify to some extent with what you are going through. And we will offer any kind of encouragement we can. Know that you are loved, even when it seems things are just too much to bear. For me going through the experience of a brain injury and all it entails isn't something I ever thought would be a part of my life either. One thing that has helped me is just dealing with things on sometimes just an hourly basis. Thinking about it long term gets too overwhelming. One day at a time. Best wishes to you.

  • Welcome and and i echo what everyone else has said,also try to count only the good days not the bad,

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