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VP Shunts rule

Hi Kady.

Just seen your post and I felt compelled to write back. I'm so sorry to hear about your problems/issues. You are so brave! Please don't let them get on top of you. We are all here for you and happy to help wherever we can. I also have a VP Shunt because I suffer from recurrent hydrocephalus. I first became aware of it when I was 14, having had increasingly violent and regular headaches for 2 years. I eventually had a CT scan and by then the operation to put a Shunt in was an emergency. That was back in 1987. Since then I have had other operations to revise my Shunt and it has been discovered that I get hydrocephalus due to an unruptured AVM (arteriovenous malformation). Some of what you say in your post definitely sounds familiar to me. I also have nystagmus in both eyes. It doesn't seem to give me much problem although my sight seems to be deteriorating quite rapidly now too. I can't tell how much of this is to do with age or my medical condition. My short-term memory is dire and that can be quite challenging, particular when others don't understand why I have forgotten something that happened yesterday. I also suffer balance problems - not so much that I can't walk or anything. But I'm very accident-prone, can't wear heels of any sort and often 'fall over myself'. Its really irritating and drives me insane. But on the whole I think I am very lucky because I suffer a lot less than many people. I put this down to positive attitude which I think affects so much. Best wishes to you and I really hope things get easier.


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Thank you. <3

I'm very sorry about this late response-this is the first time I have probably seen this. <3

I hope things are alright with you and that you're okay.

I'm here for you if you ever need to talk. <3

Please make the most of your days.

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