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Broken Brain

This is mainly to everyone who's suffered or knows someone who's suffered!

I fell 2 years ago in July and fractured the front and back of my skull, I then got Anosmia.

It's been over 2 years and for this whole year I've been getting different scents and tastes back and forth.. It's not phantom smells because it's things like cigarette smoke that blows in the wind or someone opening juice. It's not full smells or tastes but it's y'know.. SOMETHING! And I'm just wanting to hear from others who've been in the same place or know someone who has.. Is it hopeless to hope?

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Hello tracymarie

I cannot offer help as mine injury still "early" it happen at end of May this year I have had zero sense of smell and can only basic taste salt sweet sour I also cannot sense heat in my mouth so quite often burn or scalding myself on hot tea or hot food just wanted to say you not alone

my dad said someone he knew who had head injury and no sense smell woke up one morning 3 year after accident and all had come flooding back

So there is hope But sorry I not more help

Emma x


I have the same as you. My injury was in January 2014, and I lost all my sense of smell. I have a little taste, but need food to be very hot, or spicey to really appreciate it. These past few months I have had the odd tinge of smell. Like you say, it's just an occasional whiff. We can but hope!


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