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Hi all hope ok

Since my accident in May this year I have had zero sense of smell and taste has been mild sensation if salty and sweet nothing else

Since last week I have had a frequent burnt taste and smell when strong smell of anything is around every single thing bleach smells like burning coffee smells like burning rain smells like burning

It's so weird how things change I have also lost the sweet or salty taste :/

Emma x

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Well all I can say, is try acupuncture, my HK doctor, say they should b able2fix u in the UK??? With that condition???

It's his word not mine!!!

I would suggest, trying out a London doctor, where is thee by the way???


Hi zombieden

I am about 1.5 hour from LOndon problem is finances and th fact I can't stand

Loud noises and lots of people which = london

Thank you for your suggestion

Emma x


So u live near Smallsbury (AKA Salisbury), there is a doc here, but to my, standards isn't that good, but my jockey friend says, he's good, y don't u come along2the Salisbury Headway meet??? We'll meet in person then??? I think u can find more info on the main Headway site???


Your senses should come back I had an accident my self mine was may years ago and the senses came back slowly not knowing what something smelled like before I got my senses back I didn't think it was normal you should be fine Emma

in the mean time just take each day at your pace and don't try rushing things

take care Ian


Hi Ian

Thank yipu for reply

In the most impatient person known to man haha it's surprisigly depressing having no sense of smell

I alnost feel as though I am a cardboard cut out making my way through life the world is 2D

Have a nice weekend

Emma x


Hello emma just thinking back to when i was in a specail school i remember the teacher telling us that we was going to be blind folded and we would do a sense of smell test once you have your eyes covered your senses heighten and taste smell touch flood back maybe you could try this and see if this works for you I am sorry that you have not yet gained your senses back if it was at all possible I would give you mine, remember one thing strong smelling things jam coffee blue cheese my feet aren't in this option lol joke had to get that in hope this works for you I did try doing this on my phone but it crashed on me so I came on computer maybe you can get some one to help you say sort this out a blind fold and your not to see what goes in what cup using stuff like rice and pasta and uncooked beans make sound you will also want to try this I know it may sound odd but it works due to your eyes working take your eyes out of the way and your senses start working how ever you want to use high smelling things no I already said not my feet haha

good luck Emma and all the best Ian xx PS and let us know the out come of this test as i would like to help and if I may say you are looking at a very bad TBI injury I spent 3 months in hospital and had to learn to walk and talk all over again been the age of four when this happened walking talking wasn't a problem but once I got the walking and talking out the

way out the door see you later

Once again Emma all the best Ian x


From the sounds of it, you've possibly lost your sense of smell. That you can taste salt and sweet shows that its most likely smell and not taste you've lost. I'm no medic but I know that flavour thst we sense is a mixture of taste and smell. Our taste is actually very basic I.e. what our tongue sends to our brain and we can only taste a few things and salt I think is one of them, not sure about sweet. What allows us to sense elaborate flavouring of the various foods we eat is our sense of smell. Can you smell things? Or are you just not noticing the flavours of foods when eating? It might be worth trying aromatherapy to stimulate the sense of smell, failing that why not buy yourself some herbal oils like rosemary and lavender and keep smelling them or get outdoors and smell the flowers. There's still potential for your senses to return since you're only 4 months post injury with most recovery occurring in the first 6 months, so hopefully it'll return for you.


Hi barny1 thank you for respond

I apologise for short reply but I struggle to find the words and to concentrate

I have zero sense of smell I asked neuro surgeon and he said that it is case of sitting and waiting it either will or won't come back and there's nohing out there to cure it :(

I might do you suggested and get some oils maybe like lavender or something

Hope you are ok?

Emma x


No problem, I know the feeling.

Your neuro is talking straight, but I've learned that you shouldn't let them define your limits. Now, your neuro may be right, there may be nothing you can do except sit and wait, but the truth is, they don't know what any brain will do given the right set of circumstances. I don't know, it seems more likely for it to return if you're proactive about it than if you just sit and wait. That goes for forms of rehab. What harm can come of smelling oils and seeing if it helps? Somebody mentioned Rosemary oil being good for memory, there was a study that showed that it enhanced it. Give it a go, you've got nothing to lose.


I was addicted to mentholyptus and extra strong mints and ginger and horseradish because they were hot as well as strong tasting. It was like feeling the taste, i dont remember feeling anything about food, it was something that was just given to me and I ate it!

I still like marmite very thickly spread, horseradish on my beef and ginger root for cooking although I do have my taste and smell working .

I get a smell of burning sometimes although it usually smells like electrical burning.


Hi danslatete hope you well

Mine is like burnt paper

I have strong or spicy food too so I can at least get a sensation of "heat" or tingly

Emma x


I developed Troposmia prior to my Haemorrhage which is a corruption of both the sense of smell and taste. My favourite foods began to taste of burning plastic and the smell of my favourite perfume was similarly affected.

I researched the condition and learned that it was frequently associated with brain disease so I visited my GP who totally poo-pooed the idea. Two weeks after speaking to her I had my SAH.

After transfer from ICU, I spoke about it to staff on the rehab ward at Salford Royal who were in no doubt as to the correlation between the two, and the three other women in my four bed ward had all suffered with these same olfactory disturbances just prior to their haemorrhages/strokes.

I seem to be stuck with it now 2&3/4 years later. Oh what I'd give for a home-grown tomato that tastes like it should, rather than some weird chemical concoction !! :p


Hi cat hope you well

My psych was talking to me about what you have it's interesting how complicated senses are

My psych might refer me to sensory team as all of my senses are problematic

I agree about the tomatoes or any fruit/ veg :)

Emma x


I have lost my sense of smell, and most of my taste. If something is very hot and spicey, then I get a bit of the taste. Losing my smell is good for when I'm taking my dogs for their 'business', but it would be so nice to know if I smell sweaty or clean. Maybe one day. I won't give up hope just yet!


Hi Nutkin I'm find it extremely depressing that I have no sense of smell in really struggling with it

My neuro said high percentage get it back in 6 month but has been know to take 2 years

Have lovely weekend

Emma x


I must say that initially I found the whole business really disturbing & depressing. These senses are so precious ; the smell of newly-mown grass, hawthorne hedges, fresh coffee...........all gone. So I think I mourned the loss of it for about 18 months (and the taste) but now I just accept it as another challenge, but still miss it at certain times.

I was particularly phased by my perfume gradually smelling worse & worse ; I even took one bottle back to the store, saying it was definitely 'off'...........they thought I was nuts.

So I searched for about two years for one which my sense of smell doesn't corrupt & I found just the one (ck1)..................one special thing to hang on to ! xx


I'm twenty months since my accident. I have just seen my original neuro surgeon here in South Africa and he told me that I may well get my sense of smell back! We'll see!

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I found this article bbc.co.uk/news/health-29441323

It's chilling reading given what cat3 went through. It seems loss of sense of smell isn't always related to specific damage to the brain.

"They say a reduced ability to sniff out odours could signal less regeneration or repair of cells in the body overall, as a healthy sense of smell depends partly on a continual turnover of cells that line the nose."


&the city u r in now is???

Need2know2help u???

Or do u want the, SUPER EXPENSIVE OPTION???

&I need a CHUNK OF UR TIME???


I don't feel comfortable divulging where I live precisely I appteciaye you trying to help but it's coming across a bit strong please just take a step back and we shall start again



Well is it near Smallsbury or not??? AKA Salisbury

Well Southampton is 25 miles, south of Salisbury. north or south England???


I live 4 miles out from Salisbury, in a small hamlet called Ford.


Have I, asked4ur address2eat ur brain???



LIKE I SAID, NOT PRECISELY!!! Town would b great.

I've helped out a, friend who is a mum!!! With similar symptoms as u, will she b healed, who knows???


Heeeeeey there, how's it going? Try not to mention the word "kill" too much. Also; demanding someone's address is coming on a bit strong...

So what happened to you to make you injured? Type slow, that's the way I get a coherent sentence out :)


(Not trying to hijack your thread)


Your intervention greatly appreciated Ben

Emma x


NAH, it looks like Loodon, is ur only hope now.

Cos I was wondering around town, and his shop has gone now!!!

What happened to moi(me), well my car crash happened at the end of 07, on my way to work, it's kinda WEARIED, I remember being DEAD!!!

I've been sent back to do something???




Why not pop along2either, Headway meet??? I also go too???

Totton every Friday near Southampton or Smallsbury (Salisbury), I'll b giving his business card at the next Salisbury meeting.

To see if he can cure, my friend, she also suffers from the same thing as u!!!


Well do u come along2the Salisbury Headway meet this month???

Its the last Saturday, of this month, from 2-4 pm at St Thomas church???

Well its a room, we go2have the meeting in.


Hi Salisbury is too far from me it's not my home town or my local headway group I live within stumbling distance of my local headway

Thank you for trying to help


So which Headway do u go2???


I don't feel comfortable saying which one I go to sorry


How about Southampton Headway???

Or Totton, near Southampton, Totton is where the building is???


Still too far


It because, ur in Brazil now, thats y2far4u now???

My mind is just2RANDOM4anyone, now!!!

Its like the other side of moi, was born!!!


As u say2far4London, midlands then???

But u say, NO2NOISEY, CITY'S, the only, other big Chinese community, is Brum aka Birmingham???


i also lost my sense of smell 6 years ago....... i still struggle with it, especially in christmas time............. i hope you get it back! i hope i get it back! mine is from asthma and chronic sinusitis which blocks the smells from entering...... if i take a course of steroids it comes back briefly for the time i am on them....... and then disappears again.......... but systemic steroids have terrible side effects! its truly sad..... ugh//// i feel your pain! you are not alone!


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