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Every single member in my family is pressuring me to go to college and for a year I've been telling them that I can't do it- I tried college already for 2 1/2 years and couldn't do it. Even my neuropsych eval report wrote that I have a zero percent learning curve and that my general cognitive functioning is impaired and that I have "gross cognitive deficit". The problem is my verbal intellectual skills have largely been perserved so I look and act really like I don't have much of a problem, But they're not listening and they keep pushing me like i'm being lazy. I'm so frustrated!!!

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Hello Negeen

I hate pressure too! Are you saying that your unable to learn new things? That's frustrating! What other options do you have apart from college?



I mean I ovbiously do not have total anterograde Amnesia- but college is a different beast you have to be able to absorb and encode vast amounts of information. I'm just working at a retail store for now.


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