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Encephalitis Survivors

Hi headway friends! I just want to share that I read the best book ever... Yes, you guessed it! Brain on Fire by Susanna Calahan. If you've ever had encephalitis or are interested in the topic her book is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. A professional writer for a living pre-encephalitis Ms.Calahan's writing style and true story does not fail to deliver! You guys will love it, I sure did!

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Thanks for the heads up I'll add it to my reading list. It's what caused my brain trauma, so I'll be interested in reading here story only 20% of sufferers survive. Thanks again xxxJanet


Oooh, just taken a look on @m@zon, it is available electronically too. The preview goes into third chapter, I'm hooked!

You should ask for commission ;-)



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