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Another reminder from me about this good new series. It would be even more good if our friends/relatives followed this series as well, it may help them understand better, the perceptive, memory, cognitive, or relationship/emotional problems, many of us have had or perhaps still do. If we understand what or why the brain does what it does, it doesn't improve the situation for us - but may help friends and family to be more understanding. That's what we need next perhaps, a programme or study devoted solely to the many and varied after-effects of Brain Injury and the devastating effects they can and do have on what before the brain injury, were our normal, rational lives lived

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Oh SAMBS what an amazing programme this is. Andy and I are riveted to it when it comes on. It's been good because Victoria has got a few answers from it too. Hope you are doing ok. Love Jo xxx


Hi watched the programme amazing series, so informative.


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