"Holdin On" CD Launch - SHIMS - Wed 19th Feb 2014 - Dumbarton, Scotland - Raising awareness for Acquired and Traumatic Head Injuries

"Holdin On" CD Launch - SHIMS - Wed 19th Feb 2014 - Dumbarton, Scotland - Raising awareness for Acquired and Traumatic Head Injuries

Thanks greatly to one of our sponsors (Digby Brown) the Scottish Head Injury Music Support (SHIMS) Group will be releasing our inaugral CD called "Holdin On" on Wednesday in Dumbarton, Scotland.

Many of our supporters from the Renfrewshire Head Injury Service and the Brain Injury Experience Network will be in attendance.

If anyone else is in the area and would like to attend more details on the event are available here digbybrown.co.uk/index.php/...

We are looking at ways of making this CD freely available for download via our webpage at shimsgroup.co.uk

Ideally we want to be able to share this work across the UK and beyond - would anyone be interested in downloading our songs which all raise awareness for these Invisible injuries?

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  • Hi SHIMS, I would be interested in a CD or to download. Music has played a big part in my journey so far. Knowing I still knew the lyrics of songs kept me going, even though the words wouldn't come out. I'm sure your music would help people with Aphasia. Hope it goes well tomorrow.


  • Thanks for feedback. Once we get the CD we will look at ways at making it available for download. Hope this can be free for everyone. In the meantime it might be worth having a look at some of our song videos at youtube.com/user/SHIMSGROUP... - some of these have lyrics to help people understand better. Our experience of playing live at various brain injury groups is that having the lyrics up on a projector screen allows people to follow the song, join in and become involved. Singing and playing music is a great benefit for people with brain injuries. We are all musicians with brain injuries and without the music and the support group we would struggle. Once again thanks for the feedback it means a lot. We thought there might have been more interest, but we always feel that if we reach out to one person any time we play, it makes the journey and the efforts all worthwhile.

  • Hi SHIMS, I've now seen your videos on you tube. Good to see the lyrics too. Amazing, It's so inspiring to know that people with brain injuries can produce and perform music like this.

    One message that comes across is 'never give up, you never know what you might achieve one day'.

    When you have any more songs or videos can you post or message on here please in case I forget to look on your website?



  • Thanks for AMAZING feedback - have a look at pictures from our Launch Event - we could not have done it without our sponsors Digby Brown Solicitors digbybrown.co.uk/index.php/...

    Will look to put up new material in next few weeks and will post back here.

    Thanks again for responding - it means so much to us all.

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