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Morning Everyone, my husband sustained a hypoxic brain injury 12 weeks ago. He was very into health, fitness and nutrition prior to this and did not like taking medication or painkillers. He now has to take a beta blocker and takes paracetamol and one cocodamol for pain relief every day. We are always willing to try new things and after a recent cancer diagnosis in the family ( before hubbys brain injury) we came across Kriss Carr and her approach to well being and nutrition which really fit with our beliefs. I was really just wondering if anyone else would be interested if I set up a Facebook group and posted any natural remedies etc that we try? We could also talk about heathy foods and exercises we are trying? Please let me know if you are interested and I will see what I can do ( and how much time I have! As hubbys rehab has been at home as no beds at Preston) x

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marylou after my stroke, because of the behavoiur tablets i was put on, my weight ballooned from 141/2 st to 22st 9lbs.

im doing something about it and ive currently lost 30lb. both my wife and i eat healthily.

i go to headways , which is a group for people who have suffered a brain injury and the poor buggers who put up with us ( you should be able to find your local group on this site ) and recently discovered mindfulness.

I might be interested :-)

The one suggestion that springs to mind since you've mentioned pain is Cannabidiol (CBD) sold as "hemp oil". It is a natural product made from the cannabis plant and isn't psychoactive unlike pure cannabis/marihuana so won't make you high, is completely legal and can be bought without prescription. May be worth trying? I'm not talking from experience but I know others have used it for pain-relief. Worth buying today before it becomes illegal from November 1st 2016 to be sold without a licence owing to the MHRA's recognition of it being a medicine.

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Didn't realise it was being classed as a medicine - a bit of a double edged sword, recognition by the public and medical bodies as being safe and doing good but then less publically available

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barny1 in reply to sospan

Yes, the MHRA (Medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) who are the UK equivalent of the FDA (Food and drug administration) in the US gave suppliers of products containing CBD 28 days to obtain a licence or have their products removed from the market. Some suppliers have had the foresight to move their production to Europe to secure their distribution channel to the UK. We're still ostensibly allowed to buy products from the EU free from trade tariffs, at least until we leave the EU thanks to BREXIT, so people could still carry on buying this natural food supplement without prescription.

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I wish we did have an true FDA equivalent in this country where manufacturers and retails could only sell and use authorised and approved items. So no more "legal highs", no more dodgy ingredients in vapour products, no more kids turning orange by drinking Sunny Delight :-)

A British FDA could also control the amount of sugar, salt and fat that are put into our products and more control on horse meat in products

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In full agreement that drugs need to be closely regulated as much for our safety as for quality assurances, however the FDA has a bad rep in the US for pandering to the pharmaceutical industry who wish to protect their profits especially when natural alternatives are available to buy without prescription. It's in the drug company's best interest to disrupt the sale of natural non-patentable drugs when they're investing into new drugs or want to protect the sale of existing drugs.

In this case, I don't see why a natural food supplement like hemp oil or other CBD products have to have a licence to be sold when they do far less harm to the population than do popular pain-meds like Ibuprofen. It is something than has been used for thousands of years for one reason, it works. The use of marijuana may be a contentious issue because they're psychoactive substances due to the cannabinoid THC they contain, but hemp oil isn't because it contains no THC and isn't considered an illicit drug as such.

Yes, the food industry are the worst offenders by far, they should focus on them instead and leave people who self-medicate alone.

My very (very) new facebook group is 'a natural life' if you fancy joining to have a peek. Have a lovely day x x

hi i have started to take cbd oil tablets as an alternative to the perescribed gabapentin pain killer and they are working for me hope this helps


Yes I would be interested ! I have recently bought Amelia Greer (I think that is her name!) which discusses healthy eating, and trying to eat fresh , none processed foods. She discusses the range of options of vegetables and fruit to make your own juice drink with a blender. I tried this in the summer, just one drink a day rather than three, but this affected my fatigue levels, but I am trying to buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

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