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The ESA Saga!

Hello Everyone, at last i can tell you the Good news!!! i have been placed back on the Support Group after all this time, so if you are thinking of giving up, stick with it. As i have now been given just over a years worth of back-pay :) It took a lot of appointments and form filling (not by me) I should say a lot of help from my O.T. and the Lady at our local Carers Association? Think my Support Worker was in there as well, Quite a few months of waiting for ESA to get back to me and last week had 3 letters all in one week!

Now off to buy more paint with a BIG SMILE on my face

Best Wishes to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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So glad your struggle finally paid off artangel.

Keep smiling............& painting ! x


Great news - enjoy the peace of mind it will give you


Hi artangel, well done you... When the going gets tough the tough get going!!!!

Cos that's what we brain injury guys and gals do


Well done, congratulations!! Got that particular t shirt myself and know how stressful the struggle can be, I applaud you.



im very pleased for you bu we shouldnt have to go threw all that, ive not heard a peep ill shut it on me as n doubt ill get bad news were ill enough with forms you put your O.T helpte mines waste space social worker i was should help she says sh nos nothing on benifitsthe advocacu and cab is all help ive had and guess still got ive even sent socail worker a link to wht they do ect but shes no use no 1i got told by careres uk and age concern social worker should be doing this for me age concern was quite angry as they couldnt help me i was to young they wanted my social workers name ect , as they said i was yong enough try other people what about some to old or totaly unable to get numbers of differnt peoople and yes i was 2 scared 2 tell them as i thought theyd cut o what little help i get not nice place 2 be BUT GLAD YOUR OK NOW ALL THE BEST V


Your the second person I've heard of with that news this week. I can only wonder at how much public money is wasted on appeals which succeed and should never have got that far. The medical people say to keep as stress free as possible when rehabilitating to get optimum results and then we get hassled by a system which often sets back our recovery. I know going to court would be a stressful event for us all before we were ill, but you have to make a stand. Hope you're feeling grand.


Great news :-)


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