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Reading this morning's news of Michael Schumacher's developing brain injury sent chills through me; it took me back to those awful first few days and weeks in ICU, waiting to hear something, anything that would offer hope. I can't stop thinking about his wife and family and the terror and uncertainty they are facing today.

It has also made me reflect on how far we have come and how incredibly lucky we are in the context of life after a severe brain injury. And really we are very, very lucky.

A couple of weeks ago we had a joint settlement meeting with the insurers of the driver who hit Jake and, aside from some contractual bits and bobs we have hopefully reached an agreement that will allow us to get on with our lives. All being well we go to court in February and then we can put what has been a deeply unpleasant legal process behind us. I am not blind to the fact that many people in our situation face an uncertain financial future on top of the daily challenges a severe brain injury brings, so in this, we are certainly lucky.

We are also lucky to have a new addition to the Korving family. Bonnie Bonx is a 12 week old black Labrador; she is completely adorable, which is a very good thing, as she is also unspeakably naughty and it is only her general gorgeousness that saves her!

This Christmas was so wonderful, particularly in contrast to two years ago, when I spent Christmas day alone, sitting by Jake's bed in intensive care. This year was just as it should be, with presents, family, food and plenty of laughter. Boxing day saw us back in St Albans celebrating Jake's Mum's 80th Birthday with his family, another wonderful day. We are so lucky to have two such supportive and caring families.

But most of all, we are lucky to have a future together that, in spite of all that has happened, is filled with choices and possibilities and this is what I wish for Michael Schumacher and all brain injury survivors and their families. Hope goes up eventually so long as you remember that not all luck is chance, as Thomas Jefferson said “I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it". Despite having a mountain to climb Jake works hard every single day...now that's lucky!

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It's nice to hear how things are with you and Jake and I marvel at how far you have come. Also good to read you had a lovely Christmas. Me and my hubby wish you all the best for 2014 :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


thank you - you too! x


A lovely posting Charlie. My SAH was also two Christmas's ago but I know that Jake's recovery path has been a much rougher one and yet things do look much brighter for you both now, in contrast to earlier days.

Jake seems to have transformed gradually from a patient into a partner through your wonderful eloquent telling of this often harrowing story and, I know I keep harping on about it, but this faithful account of an 'up close and personal' experience of head trauma with all its complexities and side-issues needs to be published for a much wider readership...........no need for any editing.

It's so good to hear that you are getting your lives back........... and little Bonnie Bonx looks adorable !

All best wishes to you both for 2014. Love Cat x


Not sure I have the energy to pursue that just now Cat! Thank you though and best wishes for your 2014 too! C xx



Lovely picture of they new addition to your family. She will provide you with many years of fun - Enjoy! You talk of being lucky. My husband contracted encephalitis over 20 years ago and that resulted in an ABI and when I think about those days when he was in hospital and I sat alone by his bedside. It could have been a very different story. We are lucky. Thanks for your blog and wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. xx


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