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Headway update: New disorders of consciousness guidance, Headway awards, 'Making a complaint' factsheet

Hi everyone,

Headway have posted a number of interesting stories on our website recently, which I wanted to keep you all updated on.

> New disorders of consciousness guidance

Headway has welcomed new guidance from The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) on the diagnosis and management of people remaining in a coma, vegetative or minimally conscious state. You can find out more and download information for family members and friends at: headway.org.uk/news/new-gui...

> Inspirational people honoured in Headway awards

The Headway Annual Awards, which took place on Friday 6th December 2013, celebrated the outstanding achievements and contributions of people with brain injuries and those working to support them. Read more about the event at headway.org.uk/news/inspira...

> New 'Making a complaint' factsheet launched

Headway has launched a new factsheet to help people make a complaint about health and social care services. Find out more and download the factsheet at headway.org.uk/news/new-mak...

These are just a few of the stories we've released over the last few weeks, so head over to our news section to see the latest from us: headway.org.uk/News-listing...

Best wishes,


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Making a complaint about state services is a waste of time (in my experience). As soon as NHS gets a whiff of a complaint their medico-legal dept and doctors defence unions (insurers) grab our records, 'lose' inconvenient parts and create a fiction about 'what happened' = 'nothing went wrong, you are deluded.' And we all pay for NHS medico-legal depts and the NHSLA and they work against us to protect doctors and hospitals. About time that stopped and we had control of our medical records - that'd save on wasted appointments when 'they can't be found' - as happened to me. They cant be trusted with OUR records and they are even 'allowed' to dispose of them after a few years without even checking with us. How can that be right?

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