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Going back to work

What can I do, I was working in a care home but my mobility is not 100% so I use a stick, I also get fatigue so sleep is all over the place, before anyone says I am not ready I have no choice due to bills, January I need to do something, I did run my own recruitment agency, I am thinking about going back as a recruitment consultant but to be honest I think I will hate it due to being my own boss and having to work in a different way to before. If anyone has gone back to work, what do you do and how do you cope????

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Ive had my TBI 13 years ago and am doing a 37 hour week which includes spending 6 hours in college (thats out of the 37 hour) and doing assignments outside of college as well as doing other things (like being social), I suffer from anxiety attacks alot due to the heavy demand but I force myself to take a break when things get to much and I also force myself to "troop on through the storm" so I have a reward system in place, I also have a to-do list, keep both a paper and electronic diary to remind me of meeting or doctor appointments, plan how I spend my money (and try to spend as little as possible), I have both a routine at home (one to wake me up and one to help me sleep) and in work that helps me settle in to the enviroment quicker, dont be afraind to ask collegues for help, I also read and do puzzle activitys (like sudoku) to keep me sharp (also working in the ICT industry i have to keep up with the latest developments in technology, hence why I go to college), I also do excersie to combat depression, I also seek out self help books like Brain Injury Rewiring for survivors (ISBN: 9781-882883592) to seek out things that could help me, if i come across any other tips or find out any news ones I'l re-post them,

good luck if I can do it everyone can do it (you need need a lot of motiviation) I aim to act like I dont have a injury and strive to beat barriers and aim higher for myself

Feel free to talk about anything that is on you mind on this forum (you wont be the only person experiencing it) and please keep us updated :-)


[Quote]good luck if I can do it everyone can do it (you need need a lot of motiviation) I aim to act like I dont have a injury and strive to beat barriers and aim higher for myself[\quote] Unfortunately, some people don't have a lot of motivation; this can be for a variety of reasons, but I suspect that damage to some areas of the brain either directly affects motivation or has side effects that end up with being a state which motivation is difficult. I'm generally demotivated but I find that when I am set upon doing something, I often enter a state where I can't progress any further. .. It's like running into a wall of blackness that shuts me down and gets worse the more I try to push through it. After that I'm usually pretty drained and my thoughts "buzz" even more than usual.

I obtained (scraped through) a physics degree, managed to get a commission in the Armed Forces and have just about managed to keep working as a systems engineer in civilian life. I've been lucky in that on a good day my reasoning ability has been able to compensate for my poor memory and administrative uselessness. There are days when I find it both frustrating and perplexing to see others perform feats of memory that are just beyond me and I have absolutely no idea how my wife manages to even tidy the kitchen up. I try to ignore the effects of my head injury but I'm confronted with the difference every single day. I'm glad that pushing at boundaries works for you and others, but for some I think it probably good to determine and accept certain boundaries and work within their constraints.


Many thanks, I have to hold down a job I have no choice. I am trying to get my licence back. I must warn 30k to have a good quality life and pay all bills so fingers crossed I will need a car to get this salary as I am thinking of a post as a business development manager and hopefully be able to do se admin work from home. Cheers for the response


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