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AVM/Aneurysm/Brain Injury in General

That emotional, and physical damage, or maybe the tumours and blood vessel disorders themselves that might cause them; they are pure evil, they are horrors that needs to be destroyed. When there is injury, or fear, you have to fight it.

You can't reason with whatever it is that's happened to you, and you can't wish it away. It don't play by the rules so neither can you.

And you can't listen to what anyone else tells you, you have to be willing to give up everything, because otherwise it will take everything.

When it happens, you have to fight, because it doesn't matter if you beat it or not, you refuse to let that little b***ard make you feel powerless.

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I am so glad you are fighting 'that little b***ard' and your philosophy sounds very wise. It just occurred to me that if you had a subarachnoid haemorrhage your pituitary might be damaged. There's a 47% risk of this apparently. But this is good news because some of the awful symptoms like depression or fatigue can be helped by hormone replacement. bit.ly/1cvWe6w I hope you follow this up, and I hope it helps.


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