Scottish law? Claims!!

My lawyer fighting my case mailed me telling me the difficulty with my case is the fact I cannot remember exactly what happened or where, he said that the person claiming just know this as its the law.. I really don't understand where that leaves me because It was not my fault I fell and with tbi and abi I have lost the memory if anyone can suggest?

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He obviously doesn't know the first thing about head injury. You should tell him to come back when he's read a few books, or change your lawyer.

I got the impression you weren't alone when you tripped and fell so what happened to the witness/es ?


I have over like 50 witnesses, I ave him all their details from start and he calls me up saying I can't relly push ur case any further as u have no witnesses, my response was I was rather cheeky to him even I remembered giving him 50 names and numbers that's why it's still going yet has not called one, I tried to change to digby brown guy said hell give me a call back after disgusting a lot but failed to, might have to just make a ace appearance


Hi Andrew,

Sorry to hear about your issues here - can I suggest you contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk and we can discuss how we can support you to get further legal advice.

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