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Up and down

I posted a question about a week ago and was pleasantly surprised with the support and advice I recieved so thought I could write a blog post as a few things have happened since and would like some more if possible.

My dad had his SAH 5 1/2 wks ago. He was in ICU for 10 days then transferred to a neuro ward and then to a hospital close to home. He was on a rehab ward for about 3 hours when they realised that the fluid + pressure on his brain had increased and he needed to go back to his previous hospital for a shunt. At this point we were told he might not make it. We told his surgeons who were horrified as he wasn't even close to that stage - it was serious and needed to be treated but he was in no immediate danger as he was still talking to us and was able to stay awake. Later that night he had the shunt put in and was completely different - he was still confused but definately more ''with it'' and seemed to remember bits and pieces about his day.

He was moved back to his rehab ward closer to home and he seems to have gone downhill again. They are giving him laxitives which he said is causing him a lot of pain and is zapping all his energy. When we were with him they asked if he'd eaten- he said he wasn't sure but didn't think so but they gave him more laxitives anyway. Then he went for a shower but was so dizzy that they had to put him back in bed. He's now got to have another CT scan to see if the Shunt he had fitted is overdraining. Everytime he goes back to the ward closer to home these complications develop and so we were wondering if there was anything we could do to get him moved elsewhere? They say they can't start his rehab as he isn't strong enough but in the previous hospital he had and was even starting to walk but is now just confinded to his bed again. He is desperate to start feeling better and we all feel so helpless.

We knew it would be a slow process and there would be ups and downs but we are concerned he's not getting the care he should to help him get up on his feet and active again.

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Hi again MrsCM. I'm so sorry to hear this news. Things were looking so promising for your dad about ten days ago and I was assuming he would continue to improve.

Have you spoken to your dad's current consultant about your concerns ?

You might try speaking to someone on the Headway helpline 0808 800 2244 to get advice on this matter. They will know where to direct you for transfer issues.

I do hope you can find a satisfactory level of care for your dad.

Sincere best wishes. xx


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