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Has anyone used the imiquimod cream?

I am on week 4 of using the imiquimod cream. What are your experiences of it?

I'm finding it to be not very effective and it's made an awful mess of my neck and shoulders. I'm not a vain person but it looks awful!

Do you notice the improvements in the later weeks such as 5 or 6?

I was told that it would be 80% effective by my dr. But it's just proving to be more upsetting than helpful as i'm a bridemaid in less than a month! I wish i hadn't started the treatment before the wedding but i believed that it would clear up before!

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my 9 year old is using aldara on a 5cmx5cm test patch on her back as it is not licesed for children but has been licensed for her. she is on her 5th week now and it does look angry. we were told it would look worse before getting better.

to be honest i am sceptical because her bcc's have grown elongated in the test area any way i think we will see how it goes, she has to use it for two more weeks then stop. we visit the der on a thursday every 2 weeks so they can look at the area and take photos to put in a medical journal. we have got to try something she has thousand of bcc's.

take care.


I have used imiquimod/aldara, and found not very if at all effective on my rodent ulcers.I prefer the freeze gun or excisions. But I suppose it depends on each individuals genetic mutations which appear to be on the increase. Sorry I can't be of more help, but my experience of the cream is negative.


Hi. I have used Aldara and things did get pretty bad about week 4 - 5 and then started to clear up. Unfortunately for me it didn't work and I ended up having excisions.

I was told in the past that there is foundation available on prescription for covering scars etc, I never followed this up but it might be useful for you with the wedding coming up.

Best Wishes


Thanks for the replys guys. Really nice to know I'm not the only one having a dodgy experience with the cream. I don't think I would be as panicky if it wasn't for the wedding but the answers have really helped.xx