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Gorlin Syndrome Group

hi my name is gemma I have had gorlins since I was 13 I had my first bcc at 19. I am 29 now and the bccs are coming faster than ever

awaiting more surgery at present just find it hard as I have no one to talk to who is going through what I am

gem x

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Hi Gemma, I was told I had Gorlin's Syndrome back in 1996/1997, I was in my 23/24 years of age then and had under gone a large operation on my jaw to remove a lot of jaw lumps. I have had melanoma removed from under my left arm, 3 lots of melanoma removed from the back of my left shoulder. My last operation the plastic surgeon took out twenty BBC'S on my face and arms and legs. This latest surgery back in April this year has left me with one large scar on one side of my face and a N shaped scar by my ear on the other. I have been told I need more surgery again. What keeps me going is thinking positive, it is hard to find someone to talk to who understands what your going through but I,m here if you what to talk anytime ok.


hi gemma, my 10 year old beautiful little girl unfortunately is covered in bcc's. we support megan all we can, what parent would want to see their princess go through hell. if you ever need to drop us a line and chat my email is pablo220@hotmail.co.uk. fac book paul austin and befriend if thats easier. take care just dont give up.x


Have you tried our Facebook page at Gorlin Syndrome Support Group? Lots of people to chat to on there but if you need to speak to someone in confidence then get in touch - contact details are on our website gorlingroup.org just click the Contact Us link on the left menu.


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