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Related diseases & Lyme Disease?

I`ve been diagnosed a coeliac for 5 years and last month, after a trip to A & E with a suspected minor stroke and further tests, I was told I had Lyme disease (Bell`s Palsy).

Are there any other coeliacs out there who are in this position or suspect they may have contracted Lyme, or have a nagging feeling that they have been misdiagnosed with CD when in fact they have Lyme?

(Lyme is a disease contracted by being bitten by an infected tick.)

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Hi Silver Dream Machine

I saw your question and thought I had seen something related to lyme disease on the thyroid uk health unlocked site. Anyway have just found it it's a blog by 'Jane b' on 15 April 2013. Hope this helps.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for the response and link. I`ve had a look and unfortunately it doesn`t shed any light on my question, but thanks for trying.



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