I am reading various questions and descriptions and find it so very confusing when up against a couple of initials and a further couple of initials and further abbreviations. It would be lovely if everyone could use full descriptions so that we can all understand as much as possible. It can be a little bit like walking through fog when confronted with so many abbreviations.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

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  • Hiya Lynxcat- Know I can be guilty of doing this & then waffleing away on some random subject, so will try to remember for replies in future. Sorry if I have add fog to your day. Take care, Carona

  • Thank you for replying Carona. It is so mind blowing when trying to get to grips with everying. :)

  • No thanks needed, a slap to my wrist would be more likely : D. As to getting to grips with it all. 6 years on and I am still finding new things to either add to the list of things we have to be careful of, or that the Coeliacs is more than likely behind yet another health problem I have been experiencing & my Doctor should have known was linked. Have only just got my Doctor to agree to sending me for further blood tests- that Jerry suggested would be worth asking about-- Full blood/Ferritin count, Another one that checks for Pernicious Anaemia - other family members have it/had told them about as Anaemia became more of an issue for me. Plus one to look into whether there are any other auto immune conditions I need to be aware of. Told the Doctor about this site & the additional information available to us on here- like the Codex wheat as a possible trigger for some of us. My Doctor then told me to wait till after Christmas for getting them done though? Got me wondering if that was out of consideration for the time of year & busy technicians in hospitals,. Financial--does their budget run out at the end of December. Or suspects my problems are self inflicted by glutening myself & thinking to catch me out!. Not that I am paranoid! : )

  • Sorry am guilty too

  • Lack of B12 is pernicious anaemia, I believe. I was told that in the 1920's and1930's the only medicine available for it was raw liver .. thank goodness that those days are long gone!

    I originally believed that I was intolerant to wheat. Had all sorts of symptoms including travelling blood blisters in the mouth that would become larger and larger until they were manually popped leaving large raw areas that seemed to take a long time to heal. When I was tested for wheat intollerance my doctor also had me tested for Coeliac Disease. The wheat came back negative but the Coeliac came back positive despite the fact that I hadn't eaten any wheat for a very very long time.

  • The wheat/ Coeliac disease test was positive... but bizarrely when I had my allergy screening done at the Chest/Asthma clinic about a year later. Wheat tested negative?

    What's that about??

  • Perhaps you are eating gluten containing foods. Wheat negative strange.

  • Hi Lynxcat. In my humble opinion (IMHO), going back to the original point, initials, abbreviations, acronyms etc are used as a kind of shorthand that people communicating on a specialised subject understood by both use to save time. Imagine having to say 'national health service ' every time when you were talking about the NHS to someone about a medical problem, when you both knew what it stood for, or 'self contained underwater breathing apparatus' to a fellow SCUBA diver.

    There are abbreviations however that even experts need to be reminded of the meaning of, in which case the polite thing to do is write the expanded version once followed by its abbreviation in brackets, and use the abbreviation from then on.

    There are of course people who use abbreviations without knowing what they stand for.

  • I wonder if it is a possible idea that there could be a list of the main abbreviations on the side bar - under 'Recent popular questions?' That might prove extremely helpful to those of us who simply have no idea what people are talking about.

  • Sounds a good idea to me.. can it be done?

  • OK :-)

    CD = coeliac disease

    DH = Dermititis Herpetiformis - a related skin condition

    RA = Rheumatoid Arthiritis - another condition common in coeliacs

    BROW = barley, rye, oats, wheat

    GF = Gluten Free

    IgA or IgG = blood serum tests to measure relevant antibodies related to gluten

  • Wonderful Meanioni! Thank you for this - it makes it so much easier when you know what people are talking about.

  • Know I'v promised to try not to use the initials for things..

    But just in case you were wondering

    AKA- also known as

    BOLO- be on look out

  • No probs! Couple more

    PCT = Primary Care Trust (local government body that governs funding and prescriptions to GPs and hospitals)

    CUK = Coeliac Society

  • Do you know that the use of capitals is essentially shouting? Are you mad at the nice folk on here or at the medical profession (who a lot of us feel like shouting at but we'd be thrown out of the consulting room)?

    I don't know that any of us are medics. I imagine we've had to find everything out for ourselves. In 2009 I didn't know what coeliac was (or gluten really). I walked out of a doctor's office one day after being told I had Dermatitis Herpetiformis so go on a gluten free diet and I was lost. In the meantime I think I've looked at every online journal or article.

    I had an old medical symptom dictionary in which coeliac disease didn't sound like me at all. Like most on here, the medical profession left me to it so I've had to do a fair bit of research, in a short time. I found this forum because I once Googled in "gluten free and still ill". I never had the 'chip' fitted which explains medical acronyms, I just worked through it or did a Google search if I didn't know something.

    Google: Greatest Offer Of Global Literacy Establishment

    Acronyms have been used for nearly 100 years and ease communications (especially written ones if you're not a typist). We use them everyday - Our banks - HSBC, RBS give us PIN numbers which we can use at ATMs in the UK, EEC, USA and NATO countries. We have the DVLC, the AA and RAC, some armed forces personnel are in the RAF. The BBC has just talked about the CEO of Lloyds/TSB (which used to be Trustee Savings Bank in my youth). I accept these are a part of a modern language.

    I think it will be incredibly tiring if we can't use acronyms, especially on a specialist forum. TTFN (bye for now)

    PS [post script ;-) ] An easy way of finding out something is to type the acronym or abbreviation into the Google bar followed by the subject it relates to - eg. if you just type in DH there are no links to CD, but if you type in 'DH coeliac' then Google suggests links, it's the same for tTg (which without the word 'coeliac' suggests some lyrics for a band I've never heard of). You can apply this to anything you want to research. I hope it helps.

  • lol... My partner sussed long ago that when i used capitals in a text message... I was shouting at him! ; D

  • I wish that it were shortened to something else other than CD - it reminds me too much of CJD. CC might be nicer - Coeliac Condition!! Just a thought running around my head.

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