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On Friday 22nd February 2013 I attended a Tribunal, the main topic was my Coeliac Disease. The following week I received a written statement from the Tribunal which I find more amusing that factual and thought I would share it with you.

Having had a cooked breakfast at Ikea of an egg, bacon, hash brown, beans and half a tomato washed down with tea, only two hours later I have an allergic reaction lasting five hours, it was the gluten in the food, my wife was blamed for buying me a safe breakfast. On another occassion while getting out of the bath yet another allergic reaction lasting five hours, must be the gluten in the shampoo or water. Then we have a holiday in Turkey living on only fresh salads, cheese and foods taken for the trip, while climbing stairs to board the aircraft yes another allergic reaction lasting five hours, must be the gluten in the cheese or salad.

I also discovered there is a gluten free vodka available. (I think they meant Smirnoff which is made from maize,corn)

As a coeliac I find that coeliac disease is an excuse to cover up any underlying health issues, in my case a formaldehyde allergy which is present in products sold and chemicals used at Ikea and many other places including foods and healthcare products. My lesson is if the diet works but you still suffer do not give up there is an answer.

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I find that when they don't know the answer they come up with a diagnosis that cannot be tested for, such as chronic fatigue or a virus, even when those options do not fit with the known facts.


It was a complete set up to blame the Coeliac Disease and not the Formaldehyde Allergy because they discretely removed two Tribunal documents with an award for chemical poinsoning at a Primary school with 400 pupils plus staff. You do not get Urticaria or allergic reactions as a coeliac, possibly if gluten allergy(not yet tested).

Lets face it who gets a diagnosis then an undiagnosis 7 years later then after another 45 years rediagnosed with CD apart from Urticaria symptoms the same both times.?


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