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Is there such a thing as homemade GF pastry that doesn`t crumble?

My long suffering wife has tried, over the years, to make GF pastry, but it always ends up very crumbly despite using xanthan gum. With Christmas looming and the prospect of mince pies we were wondering if anyone has any tips on making non-crumbly pastry? Her recipe is stork, juvela flour, xanthan gum, water, salt.

And a happy and GF Xmas to all Guerillas!

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Hi SDM, try a rich pastry mix and substitute the water for an egg and some milk, and lactose free milk works just as well. Another really amazing alternative is to add mashed potatoes to the rich pastry mix and the secret is to cook the potatoes the day before and keep them in the fridge overnight as this improves the elasticity of the potato. And you want to use up to equal amounts of potato to pastry mix..

A really easy alternative to mince pies is a mince crumble and you use a standard crumble recipe of half fat to flour and half sugar to fat mix. And I put 1/3 of the crumble mix in the bottom of a greased dish and then spread a 1LB jar of mince meat on top and then put the remaining crumble mix on top and bake for around 25 mins I can make this quicker than it takes my fan oven to warm up. And you have a lot more mincemeat than in a small mince pie. I use 6oz gf flour 3oz fat 1 1/2oz sugar and its so easy a monkey could make it!

And a happy gluten free Christmas to you.


Hi Jerry, Many thanks for the tips. Looking forward to a potato made pastry pasty!


my pastry works very well, no need for egg or gum or clingfilm. But, having had Shipton Mill say they would bring it out this hasnt happened yet so you need to buy three flours and mix together. After that make pretty much anything you want. Urid lentil flour is the key, you can get it from Spices of India (or as papad flour, if you live in big city might be able to get from Indian store) 40%urid, 40%tapioca, 20%cornmeal. Mix and use. For self raising just add 1tp bp to 100g flour.


oh, and then butter is best if you can tolerate/use the dairy. Leave to rest after cutting and rubbing in one weight fat to two of flour, add water to get it to form a ball, and leave to rest fifteen minutes at room temp not the fridge. If you chill it the pastry is too hard to work and you need to let it warm up (it stores well in fridge if make ahead)


mrs crimbles shortcrust pastry just like using normal get a dozen mince pies to a mix and they taste great and don't crumble......i have used every mix of name it i've tried it......this mix is no messing and works every time....its bomb proof.......sainsburys stocks it or u can order on line.......:)


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