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Not a question but a tip.

I was glutened on monday and was very sick, vomitting a lot, and the usual bowel problems, sweating, shivering, the whole toxic shock thing.........

After the initial vomitting had stopped, I was sipping water for 24 hours.

Then I was advised by a doctor ( not mine, he is useless with this problem ) to boil up some brown rice and nibble it through the day, not a lot but a little when I felt I could.

By thursday evening, I had added a stewed eating apple to rid the blandness of the rice, and by friday...I ate a small portion of a normal meal.

I slept a lot ( unusual for me ), rested when not sleeping, and by saturday, the rawness had gone in my tum, and I was less tired.

My point is that the water and the brown rice really helped a lot, apparently the stewed aple helps to cleanse the tum.

I hope this helps anyone else who finds themselves glutened.

It made me realize , just how carefull we have to be..... it has been three years since my last attack, and that was not half as bed as this one.

The crazy thing is I was at the hospice with hubby who was being admitted for respite, we ate some soup in the little cafe there, the chef had made the soup as if it was a sauce and added flour to make it thick. So I had nurses and a doctor running around after me, we can laugh about it now.

Hope this post helps................

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Thanks for the advice Maryelle. I tend to just stick to peppermint tea.

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