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Coeliac Diagnosis & Management

Coeliac Diagnosis & Management

There seems to be a re-occurring pattern within our Facebook page and this site of Coeliac members being unclear on how Coeliac Disease should be managed by your hospital or GP health teams. This also explains why some of you haven't yet 'compared' and rated your hospitals. We know that many of you have been passed back into the care of your GP or haven't had health checks in over ten years.

So we thought that this handy site maybe of use for some of you in the UK. It details down a handy flow chart of Coeliac Care called the Map of Medicine. Have a peek here:


to see what guidelines your health team should be following to diagnose you or other family members. We know from recent discussion posts on our Facebook page that getting your children or siblings diagnosed appears to be tricky in some hospitals. We hope this helps inform your discussions with Doctors. Tell us if you found it useful.

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