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How to get better service from shops and resteraunts

The other day I went in my local Co-op to buy a loaf of Genius bread but they only had one loaf left and that was a day past its sell by date. I thought it was that day so I took the loaf to an assistant who was putting smoked sausages in the fridge and asked her if she could put a reduced label on it. The reply was no we can not sell it as its a day past it's sell by date but said come with me and I'll see if there are any fresh ones in today. So we went to 3 stacks of various breads and she put her hand in one and like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat gave me a fresh white Genius loaf and said she did not like how much we had to pay for them. I thanked her and asked if the smoked sausage was gf and she replied I don't think so but did you know there's a new range of Co-op sausages that are gf? Would you like me to show you? so off we went again and I was suprised at their range and they are made with 85% freedom food pork. So I bought some Cumberland ones and realised that what we as coeliac need is a trained member of staff who knows what gf/ special diet foods they stock and then if a coeliac asks for help the other staff know who to ask and if resteraunts had a waiter/waitress also for special diets then they could look after our needs without us feeling we were fussing or asking the chef too many questions. I felt that I was lucky that I asked the right assistant who pays attention to what they stack the shelves with. So I am going to speak to the manager about this as I realised how much easier it made it for me and how the shop sold me more than I went in for so it was a win win situation for me the customer and the shop. So if the Co-op can do it they can all do it.

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Hi Jerry my local Restaurant now knows to serve me after some learning curves.


Hi Roscoe, well good for you because you now get good service and have educated then in the needs of coeliac so you have done the hard work for other coeliac who go there.

The resteraunt might even make special dishes for you if they know you are going to go in there and that would be great.


hi went out for a meal with my kids for my 40th chose something of the menu thid it was g.f i even checked as did my u can probaly guess this was not the case as later that night i was screamin in pain .doubled over and to n fro from the toilet. i wasnt happy as wasnt my poor daughter i havnt been bk and tbh its put me of eating out. im new to this and im a bit nieve that what um told is correct.Thanks to all at this site for your help


I eat out successfully on a regular basis. The restaurant association has suggested, where possible, to eat out on days early in the week so there is less traffic in the restaurant and the staff can devote more time to our special needs. (I have multiple food allergies in addition to Celiac Disease) I always call in advance and check with the staff to make sure they can accommodate my needs and they know I'm coming. I alert my server on arrival to make sure they know my needs. I frequently go online to check out restaurant menus before I go to that establishment. I always give them feedback after the meal to let them know where their successes have been and suggest any future changes in the menu or service that might be helpful to me or other customers. (I've had several thank you notes!) You are your own best advocate. If you want a safe dining environment and good service, speak up and educate the industry. They want us to come back!


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