So happy

So this is not really a question, but I just wanted to put something out there - which is how lucky i feel to have figured this all out somewhat. Regardless of the final outcome of everything, I feel really lucky that a gluten free diet has helped me so much; and that it is something so uninvasive and easy that has really changed my life for the better. I hope you all are feeling that too.

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  • I feel that, though sometimes I also feel a why-me type of resentment too (particularly when I want to eat chips in a restaurant or something similar).

    I only found out I had a problem with gluten completely accidentally - my symptoms were (then) non-gastric and being perfectly plausibly attributed to something else. I could really easily have just gone on my whole life feeling low-level ill all the time and never knowing why. It rather scares me how many people must be doing that.

  • Hi freelancer, you are not alone and here's a blog on GFG about this:

  • That's great news :)

    I am on my gluten challenge at the mo and feel a bit rough at times. My main worry is my nutrient levels but I am being tested for those too so even if I get a negative or false negative Coeliac result I will know if I need suppliments etc. I felt better GF so will do it regardiless, just have to get the challenge over with.

  • Its a very bleak Thursday morning here for various reasons...until I read of your feeling good...Its a small shiny will do for the time being...

    May you continue in good health and spirits. Go for it!!


  • I'm also very pleased for Gettingbetter so good for you and keep it up.

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