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corking cork

Just got back from holiday in West Cork...I stayed at Ard Na Greine as advertised in the coeliac UK magazine... It was all wonderful. The landlady, Norma, made such a delicious and huge breakfast that we couldn't eat it all so she packed it up for us to take with, (she was also willing to make it any time we wanted, even at midday after we had a late night out). Eating out proved to be an alternate universe...everywhere had 3-4 GF options and one place even stated 'suitable for coeliacs' on its menu. Apparently Southern Ireland has one of the highest incidences of CD in the world... and even though I am horribly sensitive we ate out 6 times and I didn't get ill once..... Get packing!

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Very interesting.

Both my maternal great grandparents came from southern Ireland. I'm thinking I may have inherited my gluten/wheat sensitivity from them?

Something to ponder on I guess...... :-)


I went to Cork in February and places are so clued up on gf foods, puts Norwich where I live to shame. All of their menus are clearly signed which is easy. I don't understand why the rest of the uk are not made to state gf on their menus. Will definitely be visiting again.


Thanks for posting. Both Italy, Sweden and Ireland have good diagnosis of coeliacs & therefore high rates of coeliacs. It's always good to hear some positive Coeliac Travel stories ; )


This makes refreshing reading and you must have been able to truly relax and enjoy your holiday without worrying about eating gluten inadvertently.


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