Hi there I would like to know if anyone out there has asked their Doctor for a blood test and been turned down, I think that my eldest daughter is the same as me she has had a friend staying for a week and of course like most teenagers they have been down town to MD's Greggs you name it they have been there also eating lots of bread. She does not normally have that amount of wheat and gluten and has had a very bad reaction so if I ask my Doctor for a blood test and she turns me down where do I stand?

Hope to hear from you soon thank you :O) x

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  • Hi Fifitricks, I had a long period of time where I felt awful. I kept going to see doctor after doctor to ask for blood tests and every time I was refused. It was only after about 6 months when I turned up at the doctors literally white as a sheet that the doctor took notice and sent me for general blood tests. Even then it was another year before I was diagnosed, and that was only because I had heard about a motor bike racer with a similar problem, the it clicked for the doctor. In the past I have been diagnosed with very low iron levels but no one thought outside the box. I can understand how frustrated you and your daughter must be. The only thing I can suggest is that both of you visit the doctors together and discuss through her symptoms. Hope this helps?

  • Ok thank you scousekitty xx

  • My consultant told me to keep an eye on my daughter because of the genetic link. I would go back with your daughter and ask for the blood test. You could take with you information from the coeliac society website to support you as to her symptoms and the genetic link. Good luck

  • FifiTricks - search for NICE guidelines Coeliac Disease and print out the section where it says all close members of the family should be tested. Go see your Dr and remind them that there is 1 in 10 chance of your close family having CD. Emphasise any symptoms your daughter has and why you would like her to be tested and ask for the anti-ttg test and the enzyme test as used together they are the most accurate. Tissue transglutaminase antibody (shortened to 'tTGA')

    Endomysial antibody (shortened to 'EMA')



  • Hi I dont know what country you live in but you can buy them from boots the chemist if you wanted to go ahead and test for yoursel. Good Luck!

  • These tests aren't accurate in the slightest. Please don't do this!

  • I agree - pharmacy home tests are hocus pocus you may as well stick your finger in the air to test! Go see your DR and follow medical / NICE guidelines advice.