Sun tan lotion

Strangely, this hasn't been an issue this year until now!

I was sitting out in the sun yesterday, having covered myself with sun tan lotion (Nivea), eating tortilla chips. One of them tasted slightly strange and I thought absently "Oh, it's just the stuff on my hands" before suddenly making the connection and leaping up to wash...

Only asking as I feel slightly off today, as if I've been exposed to something, though no full-blown reaction. I can't see anything in the ingredients but as far as I can see Nivea makes no claims to be gluten free.

Has anyone had problems with gluten in sun products? It had never occurred to me to even think about it before. And can anyone recommend specific gluten-free stuff? I made sure my toothpaste was gluten free but didn't think too hard about anything else as it doesn't get eaten - but sunscreen stuff gets everywhere...

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  • Could it be the tortilla chips because an awful lot of them are no longer classed as GF?

  • Thanks. I don't think it is as their only ingredients are maize flour, sunflower oil and salt, and they're on the Sainsbury's gluten-free list. Also I've eaten them at least weekly for ages without any problem. But it could be a cross-contamination thing.

    It really just got me thinking whether sun cream can be a problem, as I know that some people change their shampoos etc but it doesn't seem to be mentioned.

  • I have been using the Nivea for a long time with no problems.

  • I have also checked the ingredients but can't see any gluten. Here is the link

  • It could be the maize in the tortilla chips - not truly gluten free

  • In what way is maize not truly gluten free?

  • It's a long story - best to read The Truth about Gluten on the website below

  • Cheers - I'm happy to know that Nivea is clear! I used it a lot last year but I wasn't gluten free then.

    I know there can be problems with maize. I haven't had any issues so far and have it quite regularly, but will definitely keep an eye on it.

    It could possibly also be some kind of delayed cross-contamination from a cafe meal the previous day, which I assumed I'd got away with.

  • modified maize starch will cause a reaction(cause it does with me but maize hasn't done) if you are very sensative but that should be on the label.

    Have you considered the possible that the contamination was on the bottle of sun cream as some one before you may have handled it. I would wash the bottle and see if it happens the next time you apply the cream. People forget that other people have handled products in the shops.

  • Even if your sun screen contained gluten the theorists say we'd have to eat an awful lot to cause a reaction. Of course many of coeliacs like to avoid gluten in body products as it does make life simpler to not worry about washing your hands after applications and can give peace of mind. It's more than likely that the taste of the cream on the corn chips made you feel ill as the sun cream contains many chemicals.

  • Modified maize starch is naturally gluten free. Unless it has been contaminated.

    I have had problems with the free-from-ness of Sainsbury's range - a year or so back they had to recall their lemon and ginger cookies and last week had a dairy reaction to some supposedly free-from mint chocolates.

    Speaking to someone in the health trade he was not surprised when I mentioned this....

  • you see I can't have sunflower oil, only veg oil ?? I don't get a big reaction after eating these Tortilla chips but my loo habits change immediately ?

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