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am i a hypochondriac?!

I was diagnosed with coeliac in April. Things are much improved, but I still get spells where I feel very dizzy and spaced out. I'm 23 years old and tire very easily...I don't feel like I can keep up with my friends, and don't like committing myself to things because of this. I have very poor focus and short-term memory, but never used to be like this. If I have a late night, or a couple of drinks on an evening, it takes me a good few of days to get over it. Also, I catch viruses at least twice a month. I eat healthily and excercise, and my vitamin levels are within range. All in I going mad!? I don't feel much like someone in their 20s, but I don't know if I'm just reading too much into it. Sorry about the rant; any advice much appreciated!

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Hi sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, it takes time for things to pick up, sometimes a long time. Have you managed to eliminate the gluten from your food intake? If so, you may be reacting to something else such as dairy or even soya hidden in things. It took me a long time to figure out what to eat to feel at my best and get my energy back to normal. What do you class as healthy eating? Its good that your vitamin levels are within range, although the normal ranges are not always enough for you personally sometimes. I find I need more protein and veg than most people to make me feel great. It varies a lot. You are not going mad and you are not a feel like a normal coeliac who is still struggling to figure it all out! I find I struggle with late nights and sooner or later they catch up on me. I don't drink at all as it drains my energy like pulling a plug out!One important thing is to drink lots of water, dehydration can really make you feel tired and drained


No.. You are someone who has been given a diagnosis which involves making huge lifestyle changes and which causes a range of complications and side- effects which won't improve overnight.. Don't beat yourself up about feeling down or anxious it's perfectly normal, give yourself time and don't worry about reporting anything to your doctor that doesn't feel right.


Hi becky,I have been recently diagnosed(June) and I also feel dizzy and spaced out at times. For me it tends to happen if I haven't drunk enough or eaten for a while. I find I need to eat frequent small snacks now whereas I didn't before my problems started. I bet you feel like I do and just want to feel well again, I am sure we will as lots of people on this site live well with cd. Let's hope with all this support we can soon be on the mend.

Caron x


Hi Becky, it's a new way of life going gf and it takes time for your body to recover, many coeliac are lactose intolerant until their villi recovers. So give it time and take it one step and one day at a time without beating yourself up (nicely put by wee) as only you suffer.

I think that the others have given you some good advice, healthy diet etc and I do not drink alcohol so can relate to what Sappho says. And here's a link to the same question asked by Busby, please see:

On a positive note you have been diagnosed and you've joined GFG so you're in good company as you are amongst coeliac. So if you have any questions then just ask. If you check out the search at the top right hand side of GFG you can search for pertinent previous blogs questions and you will soon see that many of us have been through what you are going through.

Good luck and just to cheer you up here's a positive blog:


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