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The Grumpy Guide to Food. BBC2. Sunday 31st July,10:00

The 'grumpy' series of programs are usually quite funny.

Towards the end of this one,however, the theme turned to food intolerances and allergies. The comments made by the 'grumpy' people covered wheat intolerance and the grumpies made comments along the lines of "what could possibly be wrong with good, ordinary bread", and " I have no time for these people". PIctures of gluten free products that we obtain on prescription were shown.

So there we have it fellow coeliacs, according to the 'grumpies' the disease is all just a myth and we are a bunch of moaning whimps, so get back to eating real bread and pastry right now.

Unless the BBC would like to tell us otherwise....

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its no wonder we are facing an uphill struggle with ignorant people like this on tv,

the number of times ive gone to eat out to be told "well it might have a bit of gluten in it"

chris ash


Hmm it seems like the Beeb haven't learnt much since the Saturday Kitchen debacle and the many complaints from coeliacs to them and OFCOM. Such a shame. Maybe we should consider an email to Points of view..does that still run on TV?


I believe it does. I guess nobody else saw that episode of Grumpy..... anyway.

If I had been approached at work by somebody who said "Hey, you know that Coeliac thing you reckon you've got? They said on BBC TV last night its all in the mind", I would have been really annoyed.


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