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Frankie and bennys

So... U may recall my date issue..

So Frankie and bennys it was.. I'd started getting symptoms in the car park on the wai IN!.. Nerves obviously.. So I speak the waitress (polish or something) great I thought..

So I thought I'd speak to the chef myself when I saw him.. My date said there he is.. So I excused myself and went to speak with him.

Hello I said.. I'm gluten free and have ordered steak bla bla.

So he just stares at me.. And says "yes"

Oooooookaayy I thought ( another forefinger) keep cool yout date is watching and within ear shot..

I said yes I'm gluten free..

Gllutonn he says shaking his head.. as if I'm speaking foreign.. Well actually I am I suppose ha.. Anyway got the waitress back she interepreted it and I'm just waitin to be ill.. Lol

You have to laugh or Youl cry..


The day before I was at this hospital restaurant..

No date.. So wasn't as cool..

Asked the chef on the counter ..anything gluten free?

Ermm ermmm the curry and the chilli.

Right I said..can you be sure about the seasoning or stock..etc..

He had a bit of a blasay kind of attitude, bit smirky as if he Couldn care.. Right I'll leave that, what bout the chips?

Yes the chips are GF.. Smirking again..

Are you sure I said ... Cos ur sign says diff..

Oh we changed the oil today.. Smirking again.

I said ok pal.. I'll av the chips. But if I get so much as a bit of twinge in my gut tomor I will drive back the 20 miles and av great pleasure dragging you over this counter and wiping that smile of your little fat head.

Anyway the smile stopped and he dissapeared into the back...

You'd think hospitals would have gluten free option really..

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I got badly glutened in a hospital restaurant.. :(..I was assured a certain dish was gluten free, I even asked the server to double check with the chef twice.. anyway driving home I just knew I was ill and I only made it home in time.

The afternoon was spent either head down the toilet (and no one to hold my hair..:( ) or in pain on the sofa..3 days later the tender tummy subsided..

I hauled them over the coals.. and received an apology..Fat good that will do ..


Oh sorry, how rude of me..

Sooooooo we're all on the edge of our seats.. How did the date go..??



We need a few law suits that should change things


Ok.. Date 2 on Saturday? Cinema? What can I eat in there?


Ignore that ? After Saturday.. Daft phone


Nice.. Good luck.. well I always have a large bucket of popcorn... yum..


Glad to hear the date went ok. If you go out for another meal, are there any independent restaurants where you live? I have found them more clued up if it's a place with a proper chef rather than just a cook. Tend to be a bit more pricey though.

Wish I had your nerve when talking to idiots about gluten!!


Glad you had a great date. It might be worth cultivating a small restaurant or 2 in your area. My husband and I have 2 favourites in Glasgow where over the years I have built a good relationship with the Manager and Chef. We always get treated really well, the staff know lots now about GF and the chef has actually made me GF pizza and bread and puddings from scratch when they know we have booked and we always book in advance so they can prepare a section of the kitchen to ensure no cross contamination.


Hi Mia, can I ask which restaurants in Glasgow are the ones you are talking about? I live in Glasgow too and am still looking for somewhere to go where I know it will be safe!


Cookies in the south side, the butterfly and pig in Bath Street and fratelli Sarti in Bath Street. The Butterfly and Pig do great gf fish and chips. Cookies and Fratelli Sarti you should ring before you go and talk through what you might like.


Plus if you want great GF Indian food Mother India in Sauchiehall Street is good


i went to my franky and bennys averything i asked for they had not got .asked for a jackrt patatoe had none i payed 7pound for lettece leaves 4pieces of anchovies and 4pieces of red peppers. and kitchen staff were polish and not understanoing english/


Sounds like you had a problem Denise. Not trying to be rude or anything, but do you speak good English? Being able to explain the problem with gluten clearly to restaurant staff is important.


i am english its the staff thats not. havent been back since will stick to my indians.


Denise, I think this will be a growing problem in the U.K. I may get hammered for saying this for being 'political' , or even banned on the grounds of being 'racist' but...we will take cheap labour on board to make money for the wealthy at the cost of people like you and I. If you were explaining your gluten problem to an English person you might find it easier. Your spelling is not perfect ( but it is okay to a fellow Englishman like I) which makes me feel that you might have problems communicating with foreigners. I had a problem communicating my gluten free requirements with foreign bar staff in Wetherspoons at Gatwick airport. I think that anyone who serves customers with food in the UK should understand our language. People from India are more likely to understand your needs better that eastern Europeans, so stick with the curries. Good Luck Denise! I'm off to Hungary in a few days. Wish me luck.


Good luck in hungary. i have family who are from hungary.but iv never been there.


Budapest was good. Most food is wheat based. Not nice when you are hungry and walking around, but I found a couple of jewels in the crown. The staff in the hotel restaurant spoke good English, showed my GF card to the chef, and said I could choose anything on the menu and they would discuss it and make it gluten free! Small portions though. Then there was an Italian restaurant, Etna 2, where have lots of gluten free pasta and pizza and even tiramasu desert with gf sponge in it! Also, I took my home made gf pizzas with me and they lasted 3 days, also gf crackers, bread and biscuits. As we only had hand luggage (Easyjet) that took care of most of my allowance - had to pack the bags really well. The downer is that ordinary people can eat anywhere, cheap, from any of the street food sellers / cafes/ ice cream stalls / bars etc but we coeliacs can't. Same with drinks. Hot weather (28C) and lager drinking everywhere, but only wine, pop, or McD milk shake or water for me. Nothing is as good and cheap as a cold lager on a hot day.


glad you enjoyed your going to skegness next week i hope the weather picks up. but saying that todays been lovely.i dont drink much i always seem to be driving.ill be takin my own food crackers, bread,naans,and pitta breads.the olympic tourch is in skegness next week. and so is daybreak early morning tv doing zumba.that should be fun.


ian, I'm with Mia on cultivating a couple of restaurants where they get to know you...even more impressive on a date to have the chef pop out and say I'll cook what ever you want...just tell me and I'll sort it. Otherwise I would recommend Indian restaurants. Also download the restaurant cards for using abroad but in English.. I get the waiter to attach one to my order. They're free and from


Hungary can be very good. Hotel Gellert in the centre of Budapest...was first class.

Plus the coffee shop thats a 1920's style..fabulous cakes...

In UK..on a hot date that was more luke warm...saw in Pret...a" breadless sandwich." was a tasty salad in a box. No ingredients gluten free notice ...but I was fine...

One day....


Ian67 - here's our rules to dates - romantic or friendship meetings:

- walk out of the restaurant if they say 'glutoon what?'

- ditto if they say 'can you eat potatoes'

- never ever ever eat at a chain that primarily focuses on gluten products - it's always a dangerous setting & you'll end up being on edge

- instead go to familiar turf where you know the waiter/ chef almost by name

- always visit the place in advance and speak to the manager/ chef yourself and grill them on every ickle detail including use of oil / sauces etc - dull but you'll only have to do it once!

- if in doubt - opt for the safest gluten free choice i.e. salad no crutons - no sauce etc

For inspiration on where to eat out try here: +

PS at the cinema the safest option is to visit an 'art house cinema' like the Curzon, Picturehouse or Everyman. Their staff are generally more helpful than chains. The safest option is to sneak in your own GF snacks (Cadbury Choc buttons - GF popcorn etc).


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