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Long Distance Cycling and the Idiot

So, here I am two days before I am due to participate in the London to Hastings bike ride. What training have I been undertaking, I hear you ask? Well, to tell the truth, nothing! Zilch, zero, nada. I haven’t done any form of physical exercise (unless you count lifting up glasses / cans of drink) for nearly two weeks, thanks to a very nasty cold which saw me spending days in bed or on the sofa.

Over the past three months, my fitness levels have increased dramatically, thanks to cycling to work twice a week, two dance classes a week and Saturday morning blitzes, consisting of an aerobic work out swiftly followed by a spin class. It’s amazing, no matter how fit you are, how much a cold can really knock you out. One day you feel invincible then a cold comes along and you feel like a 70 year old who hasn’t seen the light of day for at least 20 years.

My main aim for the ride is to not die. Tomorrow, I will be doing some light cycling at the gym and making up some sandwiches to take with me on the ride. I also intend to take Tesco Free Free chocolate and pecan cereal bars. Also a good gluten free sporting staple is Haribo and Ribena. Ribena gives me sugar without allowing me to resort to coca-cola, which I L.O.V.E. but it isn’t good for me or anyone. It’s hard, being gluten free, to find good, immediately available foods to boost energy without resorting to something really sugary, which is why I like to make my own sarnies to take out with me. Any sugary snacks will be kept to a minimum.

Well, wish me luck! I will update after the ride, assuming I am still alive!

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I'm still at the old-ladies-passing-me-in-the-street stage of recovery so this is really inspiring to hear. Good luck!



Don't forget to have a slow releasing carb snack within half an hour of the finish, to replenish your energy stores and speed recovery. L-Glutamine is also great for muscle repair and healing, plus energy. Can be taken before and after the ride.

Good Luck!! Have fun out there :)


Good luck Miss C! You are an inspiration. As someone who prefers a good film to the gym you've nearly persuaded me to try this mystical thing called exercise!

Great foodie tips. We're sure you'll make it back alive and raise a lot of money for your charity. Do report back when you've recovered. All the best!


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