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Vegetable boxes

Vegetable boxes

Due to a recent bout of unhealthy eating, I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to do something about my bingeing: work out (ha!) and start eating healthily (PFFT!). I have a gym membership which I pay way too much for and think it is high time I started using it. I did a spin class last night and am intending to do one tonight and tomorrow. We will see how long this lasts.

On to the healthy eating. I wondered if getting a vegetable box delivered once a week to work would help me steer clear of unhealthy lunchtime takeaways. Today is Day 1 of the experiment. I arrived to find my vege box already delivered and placed on my desk. It felt like christmas! The contents are:

New potatoes

Vine tomatoes




French Beans



Ramiro peppers

The box comes with a little recipe card to give you inspiration. OK, not all of the recipes are GF but they can easily be adapted.

I bet you're now wondering about how expensive these things are? Well, mine cost £13.95 from and it claims to feed 2-3 people over a week. The price comparison chart shows the average saving when compared with supermarket prices, so not only is it healthy, it is also cheaper then your usual shop. Oh, and did I mention they deliver for free?! Bargain!


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