World Lupus day!

World Lupus day!

Lupus is another auto-immune disease associated with coeliac disease. It's very hard to diagnose and it's great to see a day worldwide where awareness is raised about this disease.

Let us know if you have Lupus and how you were diagnosed.

Meanwhile find out more at:

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  • Lupus is of great interest to me. I was tested for lupus due to a rash on my face, i came up postive for lupus antibodies and anaemia in the first blood test. Second test came up positive for more lupus and then coeliac disease. Getting the coeliac disease sorted took over and after 2 months I still don't know if I have lupus or not.My GP was so pleased about cd diagnosis that lupus took a back seat. He has said he will repeat the blood tests next month. Thanks for putting this on the site.

  • Before my coeliac diagnosis I had a positive test for lupus, with something called anti cardio lipin antibodies. I was treated for lupus with hydroxychloroquine which didn't work and after more tests found out I had coeliac disease, so interesting link there....

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